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  1. Have you called them to find out what the deal is with that, or would you rather not "rock the boat" if you think it's going to be reported negatively?
  2. EX: 530 EQ: unknown. idiots won't send me my CR. TU: has to be over 630 because of what I qualified for with T-mobile and what the sales guy said were the requirements for getting three cell phone lines on one plan
  3. NO... she is outright lying to you. She's a CA - lying is what she does best. Do not take her for her word. If you don't get it ALL in writing and you send them money, I guarantee you that they will not remove the negative listing. Why would they since you have given them what they want? Think about that one. Again, I can't stress this enough... if they refuse to put it in writing, then you refuse to send them any money until they do. That's not going to get the TL removed from your credit report. I'm telling you... if they refuse to provide to you in writing that they will remove the TL from your CR and you still send them money, you can guarantee that the TL will stay there until it dies a slow natural death. Please don't send them anything unless you get ALL of the terms in writing and if it's NOT to YOUR satisfaction, then you keep fighting until it is.
  4. The bill generation date is usually a few days before the bill is mailed out. You can call HSBC and ask them for the exact date.
  5. April, Don't beat yourself up for what you said. Many people are terrified at what the future brings right now because there is so much uncertainty here. I can honestly say that I'm scared. Sure, I have a job, but it's making the difference between whether or not I can survive. If I lost the child support I get for my oldest, then I'm going to be in bad shape. I pray every day that her father manages to keep his job - he's in construction and we all know how that market is doing. I haven't asked for an increase in support for almost 8 years for fear that if I try now, he'll tuck tail and head out of town and find a job working under the table. With everything that's happened to our economy, I'm pissed off that these auto makers and the big banks can get themselves into trouble and whine to the government and blam! They get a bailout. And then... to add insult to injury, these companies weren't even honest about the fact that while they claimed they needed bailout money, they were handing out billions in bonuses to their execs. What about the little guy? What about the millions of people that lose their jobs and end up on the streets because they lost everything? Where's their bailout money? Yes, I have serious trust issues with our government when they continue to be blindsided by the fact that these large companies continue to get money yet apparently are exempt from being held accountable for their past, present and future actions. I personally wasn't offended by your comments. You were stating how you felt. It's tough in the world right now and everyone has a right to be scared, angry or whatever, of the unknown.
  6. Thanks Kristy I needed the positive post... had a rough Sunday. I wanted a Crackberry (pun intended) so bad, however the cell I got works out perfect for me because should a tower go down, my wireless router (from t-mobile) serves as a tower for my cell phone... gotta love Wi-Fi The home service has been great. T-mobile uses Voip and as such, a regular telephone may not provide you with the quality you need. This is why I purchased the handsets from TM. They are specially designed to work with Voip. Talked all day on my office phone with no issues. The only way one can qualify for the TM@home service is if they have a cell phone plan with TM. Unfortunately the Flex pay plans are excluded, though the sales person did tell me they are working to try and resolve that problem. Anyway, I'm really happy with the service. As a side note, at the beginning of this month I disputed the $130 charges that Vonage stole from my debit card with my bank. I just found out yesterday that the bank will be crediting my account back the $95.35 difference that Vonage should NOT have taken. I'm very happy about that. I called Vonage to cancel and told them that I was going to report them to the PUC and the BBB for their practices and for their lousy customer service. I plan on sending the reports to both places today. I know some people have been very pleased with Vonage, but not me. Anytime a company makes it so that your only option of paying the bill is limited to them either automatically drafting your checking account, your credit card or your debit card, it's bad news. I didn't mind them taking out their monthly payment, but when they helped themselves to an extra $95.35, I drew the line. There should always be other/alternate methods for a consumer to pay their bills.
  7. This would depend if you pulled your credit right before you got the letter and the TL wasn't there. Timing is everything here. You would have to prove that they placed the TL on there AFTER they received your DV letter. Technically, they would have had from the 1st of Feb up until the date they received your letter to report the TL. Even if you sent the letter CMRRR, you'd still have a hard time proving the exact date the TL was placed on there unless you pulled your report every single day until you got the green card back. It's a tough call. This is not necessarily true. IF the TL was reported after the CA received the DV Letter, then ANY reporting to a CR is considered collection activity. THAT is illegal. There is case law on this. Reporting BEFORE a timely DV letter was received, is acceptable as long as it's accurate. Like I said, the OP will have a hard time proving this happened unless reports were pulled by the OP and updated every single day. That would be the only way of proving anything and even that might be hard to do. As far as what you should do majortom, If you didn't get all of the terms you wanted in writing, I would not offer them one dime. Sure, they're willing to take your money, but they aren't willing to remove the TL. That to me is a deal breaker.
  8. Well, either way, you still need to close out your bank account ASAP before you get royally screwed by NCO. There are far too many on here who have had to deal with these idiots and any efforts you make to work with them will basically be a waste of your time.
  9. Well, to let you in on a secret, my loan was not an FHA loan. My loan was directly through the United States Dept. of Ag's Rural Development division. I qualified for what is called a 502 home loan. There are several requirements and it took me two applications and over a year before I finally settled on a home. I began the process in Feb of 03 and on June 30, 2004, I settled on my house. Go to the USDA's website and then to their Rural Development section. You can read up on the types of loans they have to offer there. Just know that if this is a route you want to take, the area you are interested in living in has to meet certain population requirements. The number of people in an area is what will make or break calling it "rural". Most areas need to be populated with no more than 25,000 persons. This rule may or may not have changed. My area has developed quite rapidly. I doubt anyone could even get a home here anymore under that requirement. Second, for the 502 loan, certain income requirements must be met. However, they have loans for all income types. Third, you need to be a first time homeowner in order to qualify for the 502 loan. If you bought a house ten years ago and sold it five years ago and have rented ever since, I "think" you may qualify as a first time homeowner because of the length of time. Fourth, they have their own requirements for whether or not a home will pass inspection. They are more strict than what a conventional lender would be in this area. I looked at over 50 (yes you read that right) homes before I finally found one that passed inspection. And it didn't really pass inspection until I agreed with the selle to fix the problems that came up. She fixed the interior problems, I fixed the exterior ones. One really stupid one was the outside of my garage, on the side. The land was flat and grass butted up next to the side of the home. I had to grade that section before it would pass inspection. All I did was buy some topsoil and make an area two feet out from the house and planted flowers. That passed inspection. Go figure. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble.... Additionally, the USDA Rural Development services some of their own loans. Check into their website. It's worth it if you are just starting the process. It can't hurt to see what you'd qualify for.
  10. Okay, 31 views and no takers? I thought for sure someone would tell me if this is an acceptable TL or not.
  11. Follow the order exactly as Admin has posted. Don't confuse yourself more. And you can always take any sample letter here and tweak it to suit your own situation. That's what we advise everyone to do.
  12. They can sell it all they want. The next JDB to buy it can try to collect all they want, however, they MUST still go by the DOFD as reported by the OC. If you are saying that the OC's DOFD is now beyond the 7.5 year reporting limit, then it is illegal for ANY CA/JDB to report it and as such, the CRA's need to have it permanently removed. BTW, all CRA's have records of the OC's DOFD. When you dispute the TL, make sure you include that the OC on the account was xxx and the DOFD was xxx, therefore it should be deleted based on the fact that it's now obsolete and the CA can not report it. If that doesn't work, then you may have to start reading up on both the FCRA and the FDCPA to see what violations you can stick to both the CRA's and the JDB for their refusal to remove the TL. This is, of course, just my opinion.
  13. My first thought would be to file a Motion to Vacate the Judgment, not a request. You could probably get one on the grounds that since the OC has been deceased for over 4 years and that the practice is now extinct. Perhaps someone else can chime in here.
  14. Just curious here because I'm learning, but if you have proof that the debt is already paid, why aren't you using that as your defense?
  15. Kbjm, If you really want others on these boards to take you seriously, first off, remove the hahaha's from your posts. They are only convincing everyone that you aren't all that serious. Secondly, how do we really know that when you do your talk show, that you won't bash this board for all the good that the members do here? I mean, we (CIC) are a CA's worst nightmare so exactly what are you getting out of mentioning CIC? Also.... Don't you think your employer would be just a tad bit annoyed to find out that you did a talk show to help the very people they depend on making their money off of? Don't you feel like you're putting your job on the line by doing this sort of thing?
  16. If the TL with the original creditor shows a DOFD that was more than 7.5 years ago, then the CA's TL should not be there. You can always dispute with the CRA's with the reason being that it's obsolete.
  17. I'm assuming that this is because it doesn't make much sense to try and dispute a TL from say, over a year ago when said TL could have changed or no longer be listed. The best way to do any disputes to a CRA is to have the most current CR available to you. If you get one and you don't dispute anything for several months, I doubt it will do any good to do a dispute for the above mentioned reason.
  18. That could very well be that the DF did not supply updated information for that month. Some DF's update once a month, others not so often. That would be my guess.
  19. I believe there is a way to change your preferences through your mint.com account. You may have to play around with the site a bit, but I only ever get emails when a large deposit hits my bank account or when I went over budget on something. I do get my weekly emails showing me where I stand with stuff too but that's about it.
  20. That I can't answer for you. I wish I could, but knowing that you have the proof it's PIF should please the lender you're working with. When I got my home loan through the USDA, they were very strict about showing either some sort of payment arrangement OR a paid in full letter/statement from every creditor I was questioned about. Luckily for me, at the time my credit union was willing to extend a small personal loan I had and they wrote certified checks out to all my creditors and gave me copies of the checks as proof that each one was taken care of. I'm really glad I did that because with out it, I wouldn't have gotten my house.
  21. Get it in writing. Why? Because this provides a paper trail. Don't ever ever agree to anything unless it WILL be agreed to in writing. Whenever you enter into a new contract with anyone, SAVE all of your documentation. Make copies of checks used for payment. Staple the copies to your portion of the monthly credit card/utility statement. Create file folders and sub folders for all of your important documents. Enough said here. It comes in handy to know where everything is at when you need to find proof that you paid something. You remain in control of YOUR money. Do not ever give a creditor or a collection agency your bank account information. Even if they threaten you. It's a scare tactic and if you fall for it, they succeeded in scaring you. Hang up the phone immediately if they threaten you or even start to get nasty. The call should end the second they start making you feel uncomfortable or you sense a red flag. Do not fall for the typical crap that a CA hands you. The never ending list of lies they spew includes but is not limited to the following: We can only take a check over the phone. We can't remove or correct any information from your credit report. We can't do a Pay for Delete. We can only take an Electronic Funds Transfer from your account. We need your checking account information. If you don't send payment by 10:00 am on Tuesday, we'll blah, blah, blah.... We will make an agreement with you over the phone only. Once you fulfill the verbal agreement, we aren't allowed send you any statement saying you paid the debt in full. Learn what CMRRR means and why it's important. Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. It's the combination of the green card from the post office AND the green and white receipt with a tracking number on it. Depending on the weight of your letter, the cost is around $5.24 which includes the postage. When you send something CMRRR, you have documented proof that the letter you sent, reached its destination on such and such date. There is no charge for asking for a stack of green cards AND a stack of Certified Mail receipts (the tracking numbers). You will want these to keep at home. The post office worker will be happy to show you how to put them on your envelope. Why is the tracking number important to me? Because if you take the tracking number from a receipt and incorporate it into your letter to the recipient, it makes it better for you. Just don't forget to use that receipt along with your green card. I like to take a receipt and a green card and paperclip it to an envelope. Then when I'm ready to write my letter, I already have what I need together.When dealing with a Credit Reporting Agency: Always remember to send proof of ID with any written correspondence. In my experience, sometimes a copy of your photo ID is not simply good enough. A copy of a recent utility bill and a copy of your SS Card should prove to be sufficient. If you can, scan the photo ID and your SS Card so that it's on one piece of paper and enlarge it. Make a master copy. When you need to send a CMRRR letter to a CRA, make a copy from the master and make a copy of the utility bill. Send those along with your letter. This will help you avoid having a response from the CRA stating that they did not have enough identification from you to proceed with your requests. Never dispute anything with a CRA via a website or over the phone. In writing is always the best way. You have proof you sent your letter.When dealing with an Original Creditor (OC): Don't avoid your creditors letters. Cutting off the lines of communications with a creditor can be detrimental to you. Your creditors want to work with you. They want to keep your business. If you tell them that you are having difficulties, they may have a hardship department that can offer up some solutions that you may not have otherwise known about. Running from a creditor is the worst thing you can do. What ever workout agreements you can get with them, again, get it in writing. Make sure all of the stipulations to the agreement are in writing, no matter how trivial you think it might be. Don't forget to send all written communications CMRRR.Hopefully these things will help answer some of the questions you may have or were thinking about asking. Remember... you must create a paper trail if you expect a positive outcome in the future. This is your best defense against something that could potentially come back to haunt you later.
  22. Please heed the advice given earlier about ANY collection agency. NCO is one of the worst ones to deal with.
  23. Mortgage lenders can be finiky. As long as you are willing to pay for this, you need to get a statement from the hospital reading that it's been paid in full. Make sure the account number matches the one listed on your credit report. The lender should accept the letter because the debt has been paid and shows the proof as such. As a precaution, instead of sending a check, go to your bank. Get a certified check payable to the hospital (or whoever it needs to be paid to). A certified check is drawn from your account that day. Once you get the agreement from the hospital in writing, you send the check CMRRR. Save everything. You can show this to the bank with the statement they send you showing it's been paid. If you live close enough to the hospital, you can always ask them if you can come in to make payment. Be sure to go to their billing department so that you can a statement right away.
  24. None of us here at CIC can guarantee anything, however, when you do call the hospital, please make sure that anything you agree to is done in writing. I'd really hate to see your efforts be in vain. And remember to send all written correspondence with any creditor, CMRRR. It covers your own rear in case they try and say you never sent anything.
  25. Okay, quick question here..... Should the following TL be correct as it is, based on the fact that the OC got a judgment in 06 (never reported to EX as such), then IIB in 2/08. I was under the assumption that once it was IIB, that it should no longer be listed as a revolving account with any sort of balance or anything. Please look at this and tell me what's wrong with it as I'm a bit lost here. Account Name 5TH/3RD BANK/FIRST CAP Account #XXXX Account Type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance $867.00 Date Opened 6/1/2004 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment $17.00 Past Due $696.00 Payment Status: Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 13 High Balance Limit $500.00 Terms: Revolving
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