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  1. That's what I was hoping would be the case, I havent been on in a bit and was hoping it will be that easy! Thanks! whoCares1000
  2. Yesterday a letter was recieved From Midland, still trying to collect after dismissed with Prejudice. Called them, they said "It is still on your CR". Is this the way they avenge the raw nerve you had when you called them out? And they stayed home cowwering in the corner without the proof to support their scheems.. This is my thinking.. anybody? what's next? Planning my new attack! CI, what would we do with out you? Thanks Dsicily
  3. My Friend got a summons from Midlnd through Blatt,Hasenmiller, Liebsker & Moore LLC, she called them and worked out a deal, she was going to pay them money and still let them sue her. she needed to fax a signed agreement to them, it was the last day to file an answer to the summons and those dirty NutterTruckers!! new it, so she came over my house to fax it. I asked where she was faxing to, when I heard it was Midlnd I said no way! You fight them scums!I checkedinto it and The debt was Time barred SOL of course and sold twice. I made her call them just for fun and tell them she changed her mind and she'll see them in court, maaaan if her phone didn't blow up! So the next day I went with her to file her appearance, It was on the last day, It was with joy! we also filed a motion to strike the bogus affidavit and statment. The court rm was packed, she got a return date. I didn't go but it was a female attorney and she tried to bully my friend into a deal but she didn't budge.They went back in the court and my friend told the judge that no contract exists between the OC and Midland and that the Debt is TB and SOL, and how did they come up with the balance and asked for a dismissle. Midlnd asked for a continuance to bring proof and they never showed up in court, It was dissmissed with Prejudice! Now She gets a letter yesterday stating that she owes them money still, she calls them and they said " it doesn't mean a thing that the case was dissmissed, it's on your credit". what is this? Sorry this is so long! Thanks, dsicily
  4. What does date opened mean? Does it mean the date I opened the account with the O/C or when The O/C opened the account with the C/A? Thanks, dsicily
  5. After boyfriend calls CA like a dumb bunny without consulting me and paid in full without angreement to delete, he assumed it would just magically go away! The CA updated the 3CRA'S a 0 balance and the date acct. open 3/2/08 on TU and EX but on EQ date acct. open 1/1/1970. Is there a window of opportunity here? Can I dispute this with EQ? How would I go about it? wouldn't they just take the CA word and just verify it and fix it? I was thinking of sending a GW letter to CA if they could find it in they're heart to delete the TL but again AFNI doesn't have a heart!! Anybody! Thanks, dsicily
  6. When you ask a CA for DV, can they report you to the 3 CRA's before you received the proper validation? I thought they were supposed to cease collection activity and let the CRA's know that it is being disputed ? and say that it is not on my CR's yet, how do they let the CRA's know that? Is it common for the CA to add the neg. info to my CR 4 days after receiving my request for validation and before I received their proof of validation?
  7. I'm thinking since the 30 days are up a MOV is not even the question anymore, it has been long over 30 days if you add in the first letter they didn't respond to plus 30 more days after the second letter finally sending their report that they investigated by using that computer investigation application. I prepared a threatening letter because They're taking me for a fool! What do I have to lose? Thanks! dsicily
  8. I sent two letters disputing an acct. "not mine" by registered mail 11/15/08. I didn't get a reply with the first letter so I sent another by registered mail 1/6/09 telling them this is my second attempt disputing said acct. thats "not mine" and did'nt get a response until 2/27/09 and the report was dated 2/19/09. 30 days is the time frame in which they legally have to respond, right? and they said they completed investigating the item I disputed with the sources of the information, for the results they put the name of the CA and half of the acct. # as it was on my CR and said it remains! They did'nt do ****! Is it time to sue? or threaten to sue? Do you have a sample letter for this situation? Thanks! dsicily
  9. Hi , My experiance with EX , like you , I disputed an acct. on my boyfriends CR and I sent 2 letters , they have not responded at all. I am also in dispute with a CA where I'm am focusing all of my attention. When I'm done with them I will takle EX again, I think they're RUDE! I will watch your replies to your post, you get lots of good advice from the Vet's, I'm lovin this site too! I have been using the DV flow chart so if you havn't printed one go to admin. there you will find lots of helpful stufff. Good Luck! dsicily
  10. Hi! My first contact was a letter from them 10/13/08 saying the acct. was aquired by them for collections and unless I dispute within 30 days then this is a valid debt AT&T Mobility $675, I was shocked I never had an acct with AT&T, I feel like I'm being robbed at gun point!. They were'nt on my CR,I sent a simple letter registered mail on 11 /13/08 asking them to validate the debt under the FDCPA. They replied 12/15/08 saying they are investigating my dispute and has informed the CRA that the acct. is being disputed and it has been delayed due to insufficient information provided, Afni requested from me a boat load of personal info, and asked me the basis of my dispute,and when I provide that they will get back to me in 30 days. I sent them another letter 1/2/09 telling them that " You seem to be confused about what I'm asking for, you surely know what validation means. " If you obviously have enough Info to send me letters in order to collect money from me you should have enough info to validate this debt, in pursuant of the FDCPA and the prior letter they sent me is not Validation as I requested and to send competent evidence that I have a legal obligation to pay you". Then 2/3/09 they send me the same letter as the last, then 2/16/09 I get a letter stating this letter confirms the OC and Balance of your acct. on there letter head the same info as in the first letter with my SS# in all X's. I am steaming!! I want to sue them, but I have a lot on my plate I need a powerful letter this time , I did report them to the postal inpector for mail fraud and FTC. I just pulled my CR and Atni repoted me to all 3 CRA's as Date opened 9/29/08 and reported 11/23/08 and there is no notes that they informed them that this is in dispute! Sorry I know this is long and I hope it's not confusing. Thanks! dsicily
  11. I have been using the DV flow chart on a DV involving Scumbags Afni Inc. I never had a cell phone with AT&T Mobility, they sent me a letter saying I owe them $675.00. I sent a letter asking for DV. They're playing ring around the rosie with me! I want to sue! Can anybody help? Should I bother with another letter or just sue?
  12. Thanks for your reply! I only included what was on the CA letter the acct# and amount of debt they claimed I owe. I didn't furnish anything else like photo ID. Thanks! dsicily
  13. I had a computer issue and I am just now getting back online. Thanks for your response! Should I now send tham a more threatening letter for stalling? Telling them to use what they have? and if they don't have enough information why would they try to collect a debt from me and report me to the CRA's. Should I threaten civil action at this point? Thanks! dsicily
  14. Hello everybody I'm happy to have joined! I have been succesful on my last disputes except for this Collection Agency, can someone help me?. The CA wants additional info from me in order to finalyze my dispute saying they are delaying my dispute due to insufficient information. They want the specific information I dispute an explanation of the basis of my dispute and all documentation to substanciate my dispute copy of my license or my passport and my phone number. Do I need to give them this? They are stalling. They changed names three times the collection agency already removed them by their old name from my credit report. should I send them a follow up validation letter threatening to sue?
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