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  1. For Medical Accounts only :by validating alone, you just wont turn around and start reporting. You will have the right to report it to CRA;s but you will think twice before suing/placing it on CRA's . TX TFC 392 allows investigation time of 60+ days after validation to investigate the validation sent. its way different than many other states. I want to believe New York state is just as stringent too. Also, in Texas HIPAA rules apply a little differently. You can ask for the TX HIPAA training certifications of Hospital employees (which is mandatory) if you find that there is more than what a collection agency is allowed to have in " TX Rules of Privacy" there is very limited information collection agencies are allowed to have in terms of name, date of birth, etc etc. Each fine HIPAA violation can be as low as $250,000. The COS (Conditions of Service) sent to me upon request for validation from the collection agency contained my medical Record# from the Hospital. The collection agency has access to my medical records just by having it there. Minnesota AG had a lawsuit against a collection agency for having lot more information available to collection agencies than what was required.It was sent to me by a collection agency under HIPAA. (HIPAA was mentioned in my request for Validation Letter). The Collection agency claims we are fully compliant with HIPAA? you tell me what all is possible? Read the attached TX HIPAA stringent laws. I am glad BV80 you asked. Attached is a summary of Texas HIPAA. Its more stringent than other states HIPAA. You as a collection agency will think twice before suing a TEXAN. Its just very true. Again " don't mess with Texas" only a proud Texan would truly know that. lol. You wouldn't by any means become a Texan just by moving here. Now ClydesMom would just go ahead and pay for the care received (even if tylenol costs $ 150 for two tablets) becoz in his opinion you received care and you must pay for the care given. I disagree. You must pay what is considered "Fair, Customary & Reasonable" charges to the hospital/physicians/labs etc etc. There is a Handbook available for all medical codes and arranged by zipcodes of what a procedure/test/surgery/lab would cost in that region and paying even a little more than that is ok. This hospital charges outrageous/extraordinary charges and then discounts it showing a discount was provided to you which the hospital claims is only fair. well that's all I have to say about Texas. Mighty proud of being in Texas. Texas has its good bad and ugly too. but as far as collections/lawsuits go its consumer/Texans favorable mostly. and that's what is different. TX-HIPAA-Alert.pdf
  2. No wonder they say " Don't Mess With Texas" You have to be a Texan to actually understand it.
  3. @Clydesmom Your world is UNIQUE only to you!!!!!! Nothing you say about threatening providers with HIPAA applies here. I don't think you would mind paying $150 for 2 tablets of Tylenol if they took good care of you. I don't know which world you come from but here in Texas it sure is different!!!!!!!
  4. @BV80 The collection agency on its own decided that they would C & D. I did not DV + C&D.
  5. will be fun to watch what Central financial Control will do? ofcourse other than reporting it on Credit Bureaus? doubtful if they or the OC will sue? will be interesting to see. so what you are saying that becoz they sent me the COST paperwork, that DV has been answered? and they have accepted the premise that it will be cease & desist. I guess you don't like WhyChat's method and in many previous posts I c that you have expressed OUTRAGE...over it
  6. is there a reason I cannot " paste" text here? its so long a letter and I try & try
  7. The Physicians are not EMPLOYEES/AGENTS of the Hospital furnishing servces to patients include but not limited to Emergency dept Physicians Radiologists Pathologists Anaesthesiologists and all physicians are independent contractors with the patient and not employees or agents of hospital I was asked to INITIAL & Sign on it.
  8. @BV80 Syndicated Office Systems aka TenetHealthaka Central financial control was sent a medical DV. The medical dv was sent before Central Financial Control reported to any CRA's. Yes also noted here is the posts earlier detail a DOS as 2/2014 however, the response below is for a different date as noted below. Patient Name: Mark Twain Acct#: 343546687 Facility : Medical Services Center Date of Service: July 22, 2013 In response to medical DV, central Financial Control reported the following: Dear Sir: Our office is in receipt of your dispute letters requesting debt validation In refrence to statement in your letter regarding the HIPAA , kindly take note of following As you have requested this office will cease all written and telephone communications with you regarding your account with our client. This account now resides in our Cease and Desist Unit. Please note this account has not been reported to your credit profile. However, without a formal payment arrangement, collection activity will continue which may include reporting this account to the credit reporting agencies. What do they mean by Cease and Desist Unit here? why are they saying we cease & desist but will still report if no payment arrangement is made. They also list some of the HIPAA regulations that Central financial Control is in compliance with. I m thinking of a Rebuttal Letter to this. Atleast that way there is a paper trail about responding back to their DV letter. I have a feeling this isn't exactly a response to my request on DV letter. Its informational but doesn't mention the hospital. Yes, they do have attached with this letter a " Combined Conditions of Service & consent of Treatment" documents initialed/signed by me. What to make of it?
  9. so now after sending a Medical DV to the CA, I received a response from the CA; it included the HIPAA verbiage on the letter. They sent me a Condition of Service Terms (COST) forms where my initials and signature exists. The CA have responded to cease & desist. It also reminded me to inform that this particular account has not been reported to any CRA's.
  10. @Clydesmom By having $10k line of credit and debit card doesn't allow you to rent from Budget/Avis/Hertz/Enterprise. Its all on their allowed rules for debit cards. The notation they receive when doing credit check for Debit cards only tells them " do not rent " to this particular card holder. No explanation works whether its limit of $5k or even higher Tried it already. However, if only a $300 limit unsecured is still good enough. Irrespective of your credit check. Been there DONE that...
  11. @WTC Amex isn't so widely accepted at car rentals -especially prepaid/charge/Reloadable cards!!!!! with 611 FICO, have to try one unsecured or I will end up paying First Premier bank $175 in Annual Fee and then $99 every year thereafter for a $700 credit limit. Then there is credit one with $75 Annual fee for a $300 credit line. Bad Choices either way. Besides, closing down OpenSky credit card after they increased AF from $29 to $50. OpenSky is a secure cc but reporting to CRA's as regular credit card
  12. Knowing today 06/30/2014 the real FICO score is 611 on EX from myfico.com I am surprised. Creditsesame showed 675 yesterday. what a difference? wow In less than 24 hours my MYFICO score simply changed ; No KIDDING . Its like until you actually hit the MYFICO button and get a real FICO score from myfico.com you wouldn't trust any other scores. what a variation. with 611 EX FICO 08 bankcard score (I m guessing that's what it is from myfico.com website). I cant apply for AMEX with that score. I was actually thinking I m in the late late 600's. nearly 700. I so badly need an unsecure card for car rentals? dang
  13. I still don't have my answer to the OP. is doing PIF before or after Payment due date enhance FICO score.
  14. @Clydesmom You think 5 inquries of which 3 is one year or older is ONE too Many. Some versions of FICO (FICO98, FICO04) that have inquries older than 6 months are ignored. FICO ignores 12+ mos inquires. About KOHLs. I atleast think something (Revolving Acct) is better than COMENITY/GECRB/AMAZON/TARGET. Yes they are toy cards agreed, its better than getting CREDITONE/First Premier with very high Annual Fees. Knowing my FICO for EX only in the mid to high 600's with known medical collection accounts ( just one from 3 and half years ago) is what even inspiring me to app-spree. AMEX Costco/Everyday/BlueCash may be difficult with my FICO scores ; agreed.; but Delta SkyMiles Charge Cards may be possible. Not pre-paids. FNBO is a risk I m willing to take after researching some other boards and seeing what kind of FICO scores have they previously approved. Yes they give very low starters limits, however, once into 9-12 mos usage of their card, their CLI's increase if maintained properly. also another reason for rush to apply for unsecured before what I anticipate to be two medical collection accounts to appear on my Credit reports within 2-3 weeks.
  15. I have hesitation myself just becoz of less than 700 FICO score. Also true is what I know I m anticipating ; two medical collection accounts very likely to go on CRA's. Thinking might as well do it before NEW medical collection accounts show up on CRA's. Then it will be a very long long time before I get to APP-SPREE.
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