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  1. Yes...I still have the letter, and will be doing exactly that. I also got a letter from the provider, but they never cease to amaze me. Now I know why I got in this mess to begin with..Dumb people! They sent the paid in full letter, but in my wife's name, yet I'm the one who they sent to collections for it. What a bunch of idiot's
  2. To make a long story a bit shorter: My wife had a medical procedure done back in 05, and because it was under my insurance, I became financially responsible in this mess. It took 3 years before I ever knew this debt existed. Not one letter or phone call from anyone! I was alerted online by TC that I had a major derog for $1,100. Upon invesitgating, I contacted the CA trying to gain more info and get this resolved. Aside from the guy being a total a$$, and talking to me in a manner that would get him assaulted in person, I figured out the who and what, and contacted the providing hospital. I wound up getting them to agree to remove me from collections and have this taken off my credit history, since all they wanted was the money. I arranged a payment schedule, paid $250 to the hospital immediately, and all seemed well. My CR was cleared and my score was still in the mid to high 600's across the board. 3 or 4 months go by, and I get another alert from TC. It's listed as a new Major derog from the same CA, except this time it's showing a balance of $765, basically only reflecting the first few payments. Bam! this crashes my credit score down to the low 600's all across the board! Mean while, I contact both the Hospital and the CA, and they each blame one another for this mistake. The actual balance remaining was $300, and I gave both parties the check numbers and the dates cashed, NEVER missing an agreed upon payment! So someone screwed up and never posted the payments that I have proof I paid, and reported me back to the big 3, taking like 75 points off my CS! I tried to dispute it online, but was denied removal. So I pay off the Balance with the CA in one lump sum, just to get rid of this nightmare. The Rep assures me upon clearing my payment, she will send me a paid letter, and she did. That letter states "We have notified the CB's to have this account removed from your credit history." So it actually came off my CR, and my score began to recover a little. Now 2 days ago I get another TC alert, and its back again! This time is shows as a derog collection change, and reflects a $0 balance, but it lowered my Equifax score down to 625. I'm quite frustrated and upset that someone basically could GAF about doing their job, and really could care less how people are impacted by the lack of pride they take in doing their job. My CS should at least be in the low 700's by now, and i'm quite PO'ed that I lost all those points because someone is an idiot who doesn't do their job right. Is there any way to recoupe my CS points back to what they were before they WRONGLY reported me back to the CB's, when In fact I have proof the payments were made during that time? This CA is a real nightmare. Should I dispute with the big 3 by cert mail, providing proof of payment during the time they claimed I made non? I REALLY would like to recoupe the 75 points I lost, but I'm not sure it works that way? I mean would they just slap my 75 points back on my CS, once I prove it was wrong, or must I go through the process of building it back up? Thanks for taking the time to read this long story. Your input is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use.
  3. First I'd like to say "hello" to you all! Being a frustrated newb, who is trying to bolster his credit rating, and has been trying to get rid of one certain medical collection, I must say that I feel much more calm and collected after reading through much of the site and through this forum. I look forward to interacting here, and learning much more in the future.