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  1. After February 14th Consumers Will No Longer Be Able To Purchase Their Fico Score Via Lenders; However Will Still Be Able To Do So. We Will Still Be Able To Purchase The Advantage Score And The Fakos From, But That's Just Bs. Is There Anything Consumers Could Do? How Are We Suppose To Successfully Monitor Our Scores And Reports?
  2. Purchased my fico score and report today for TU and noticed that Plaza Associates did a hard pull. I have no idea who they are or why they pulled my CR. How should I handle this? I haven't received any information from this whatsoever. Should I DV them or wait to see if I hear from them? Trident Asset did the same thing so I'm DVing them because they appeared out of nowhere on my CR.
  3. 1. what's a 623? I search and came up with everything, but the answer... 2. Has any one dealt with Meade & Associates and had success? 3. I can't get Verizon to PFD should I just keep sending them until they budge or will that be more harmful than helpful? 4. How bad are inquiries on my CR. I only have 4 on EX, and TU, but about 9 on EQ?
  4. I only want to apply for one card once my credit is in check. AMEX Blue. I am fairly certain that all of my baddies will be gone by April. I'd like to give myself 3-6 to allow my score to increase. I already have student loans...all deferred and 1 cc that is in positive status. The student loans are from 2004 until 2008 which I think gives me some credit history (right?) I've only had the cc since November 2008. Is that a reasonable amount of time or should I wait an entire year. Is is best to get other types of credit cards and then try for the AMEX? I heard somewhere that they don't like a lot of inquires. So far I only have 3 inquires from last year. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. 6 months from now I plan to be completely debt free. Hopefully sooner, but I'm pacing myself. Once it's all said and done... what should my next steps be? How long afterward should I try for credit? What type should I get? I have 10 accounts in good standing (student loans) maximum amount borrowed was 1200.00 and 1 cc (emblem from a settlement with JCAP 1.5 years ago) it has a zero balance and 500.00 credit limit.
  6. I had 4 accounts with AFNI. 2 with MCI and 2 with AT&T formerly BellSouth. After not getting anywhere with AFNI via DVs. I went straight to the OC. MCI was in agreement that the debt was not mine and sent notification to AFNI to remove the information. AT&T wasn't as helpful because of the merge so I sent an email to the Director of Compliance stating that I was going to file a complaint for lack of cooperation (responding to the DVs). I sent a reply to your PM detailing the rest. Hopefully I can help!
  7. Thought I'd clean this up a little... I caved and checked my FICO scores... 01/30/09 TU-582 EX-507 01/25/09 EQ-504 2/09/09 EQ-508 (I have scorewatch) *if the email address to AFNI's director of compliance would be useful to any of you...PM me! CREDIT MANAGEMENT LP Thinking about contacting Time Warner Cable to see if they will take the debt back and I pay them directly. DRS BONDED 12/29/08- sent PFD HSBC BANK GW once CA is paid (pfd) JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEM 12/29/08- sent PFD 3-MEADE & ASSOCIATES 12/29/08- sent PFD PIONEERML/GA AT COLUMBUS *Per divorce decree this belongs to my husband. Any suggestions on how to dispute this? EX won't budge PORTFOLIO RECVRY&AFFIL 12/29/08- sent PFD 02/03/09- emailed VP about PFD 332.46 02/04/09- received response...will not course of action DV CMRRR...I know this was done backwards, but I'm trying to buy some time CREDIT PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (INSIGHT CABLE)NEW BADDIE *WILL BE SENDING OUT DV ASAP UNIQUE NATIONAL COLLECTION 12/29/08- sent PFD 01/27/09- received response back..won't delete. I found the missing library books so I will return them and then DV UNC...cross your fingers! VERIZON WIRELESS 12/26/08 sent letter via planetfeedback-update listed below new baddies as of this week. Will DV and see what happens 12/31/2008- 34 baddies 01/13/09- 17 deleted 17 remaining 01/27/09- 35 baddies 23 deleted 13 remaining 700 club here I come! I plan on purchasing my fico scores at the end of them month undate monthly thereafter. I coulding find the html code for strike here so I've deleted the accounts that have been removed from my CR. They are listed as: AFNI (4) Credit Protection (1) Security Check LLC (8) United Compucredit (9) Zenith Acquistion (1) RJM Acquisition (2) Wachovia (1) *didn't have to GW. Disputed with EQ and it is DELETED!!!!
  8. So I'm starting my credit journey this month. I've DV'd all of my creditors some have been deleted, others are remaining, and a few are still within the 30 day waiting period. As it stands right now I have 35 baddies *cringe* and I'm now in a position where I can take care of all of them over the next 3 months. I want to send PFDs, but I have two questions concerning the method: 1. Is it better to send PFD CMRRR? 2. Has settling for delete ever worked for anyone? 3. What's the standard time to wait for a response on a PFD? 4. After the first PFD and there is no response, is it wise to call or just send out another PFD? I'm really hoping to have everything paid and deleted by the end of March 2009. I'm not anticipating buying a home or a car, but I want solid credit- something I've never had. I do have student loans and they're all deferred (25,000). I just canceled all future payments because now I'm looking to diversify. If anyone can direct me to an area on the forum that explains all of this that would be great. Thanks!