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  1. "The bank did not verify that she was in school, just cut her a check, which Im assuming she blew on clothes and shoes. It is a private student loan with WF. " Which is why those types of loans didn't conform to DOE standards making them dischargeable in BK. My cousin got a WF private loan issued in 2001 discharged in BK because it didn't conform to federal regs. Those loans also have an SOL. I've seen multiple boards where people have escaped those because of SOL.
  2. The only kind of loan that you remotely have any chance of BK'ing is a pure private loan.
  3. The best and most cost effective "credit fixing company" is called doing it yourself. Seriously, why pay someone to do what you can do yourself?
  4. Just one of the many reasons why I use a credit union
  5. December '09? Oof, I would try to work it out with the collection agency
  6. Only if it's federally guaranteed. That isn't the case with straight up private loans.
  7. If a CA is calling you talking about a settlement on a student loan, that smells like a private loan. When did this default?
  8. Which Florida statute is that? I have a CA from Vero Beach claiming that NOA only applies if it is assigned to an attorney.
  9. You're in AZ now? In AZ, the SOL is 3 years for open and 6 for written contracts. How you signed up for your service would determine which type.
  10. That 1099-C business strikes me as completely shady. You were taken to court over this debt and beat it (I presume because of a lack of evidence) yet they have the audacity to issue a 1099. That doesn't make any sense.
  11. Email sent. Thanks trueq! Does that '09 agreement have the VA choice of law provision in it?
  12. Send them a letter like this: "Dear PRA- I don't owe this debt and I won't pay it. Go pound sand." Short but sweet
  13. Where could I get a copy of an older Cap One agreement? I had an attorney's office call me this morning about a Cap One card that got charged off over 6 years ago. Saw this post and figured an old agreement would be a nice thing to have just in case.