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  1. Hello everyone. I sent my despute letters to all 3 CRA's on 12/27/08 and I received responses from TU and Equifax on 01/10 requesting proof it was me sending the desputes.

    I mailed verification to them on 01/13. The letters they sent me did say before they can send me the results they needed proof it was me.

    What should I do if I do not receive responses by their deadline. The CRA's never said it was going to take more time.

    What should my next step be???? I thought they only have 30 days to respond or they need to remove the desputed items. And they have to advise me in writting 5 business days if they reinpute it back on my report.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  2. Well, I sent all my letters 12/27. The only thing I have gotten back is the request for identificaton. Nothing about too many desputes. I also recieved both requests of identification from EQ and TU on the same day 01/08. I have read here on this site that some people send off one despute letter with everything listed. (Which somtimes have quite a bit of disputes) And I havent heard many people say that the CRA said anything about it. So I personally didnt see a problem sending off a couple letters with 2 on each. I perffered this way so the CRA's cant say "we must have missed that one".

    Im confident that my responses from the CRA will come back and the games will begin!!

  3. Well, I chose to send about 7 despute letters with 2 accounts on each letter. I then only paid for one Certificate of mailing for each Credit Bureau. So if one of the Credit Bureaus tries something funny. I have proof of sending it to the correct address and proof of date I sent it.

    I know that credit repair takes TIME but Im hoping to increase my credit score within 5 months to purchase my first home!!

  4. Well I did receive a response from EQ and Trans. Both say I need to send proof that its me sending the Despute Forms. I have 2 Q's if someone would be so nice???

    - I sent separate letters with 2 accounts on each despute letter. TransUnion sent me like 5 separate packets in one envolope wanting (2) distinct forms of indentification. DO I HAVE TO SEND ALL OF THEM BACK OR JUST PICK ONE PACKET. They dont seem to have separate account numbers, all of them are identical. (EQ just sent me one letter requesting proof of identification)

    -Will this turn the 30 day clock back on. Or once I send them these forms back will they send me my responses?

    If anyone needs more celerity just let me know.

    Thanks a bunch!

  5. Yes. i have pulled all (3) reports. The adresses are correct on the reports.

    The letters came back unable to locate the CA and Experian. I found the correct address for Experian. But I have no idea why the Collection Agenties letter came back. Thats the only address for them. Can I request to delete b/c theres no way for them to verify debt?

  6. Well I sent my 7 Desputes to all 3 CRA's and all 5 DV to the CA's. Unfortunately my Experian letters came back "Unable to locate address". I corrected it and mailed them back out. Is this going to mess up my response letters b/c of the difference in time?

    Also (1) DV letter came back same thing. I checked the address and its the correct one. Can I send that proof of mailing and returned letter to CRA's to delete?

    Thanks in advance,