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  1. I ended up getting them to send me papers saying that my account is now considered settled in full, any idea when this will now shop up om my credit report?
  2. is there a link for a sample letter to request documentation that I paid? thanks
  3. It was a miserable slimey experience. Good thing I took your advice and showed up with my paperwork(money order receipt), my name was on the list and I would have defaulted. It got dismissed as settled.They told me to contact midlands attorneys to send me paperwork and the court documentation that it was paid. I had to wait for a half hour in the freezing cold, then it took 2 hours for them to call my name, some of the rudest people I ever met and I paid. I wouldn`t wish this experience on my worst enemy. slimey crooks. It`s going to take me a few days to calm down, I can`t remember the last t
  4. I paid the $500 a few weeks ago, they told me they would notify the courts and I shouldn`t have to show up this week. should I believe them or just show up to be sure?
  5. I told them I settle for $500 and I would only pay if they sent me in writing that I would get a dismisal and they would call cra and say account is settled. that seems the best I could do. They originally contacted me by mail in october for the late february court date,I didn`t find out about this board till early January.It was kind of scary on the phone when he read off my social secuity number without me telling him it and he said we know more about you then you think. any more advice or did I screw myself?
  6. Maybe I should just pay the $700 and get PAID AS AGREED.My fiancee and I would like to own our home condo in 3 years,I would hate to have settled ruin it for us.
  7. One of there lawyers called me tonite to settle for $525,I am thinking of doing it, the best he can offer me is settled on the credit report and he will dismiss the charges, he also wants me to send him proof that I am disabled,I don`t want to send him any papers of my disability because it tells how much my income is a month plus it has my social security number on it.I don`t want strangers knowing my social security number. any last advice?
  8. I called they won`t drop the suit and I offered $380, they actually hung up on me twice. They tried to find out how much my disability monthly check was.I said I want pay to delete and I would fax them a contract in writing. they said they dictate the terms in hung up on me twice. very rude people, I tried to be nice to them.
  9. how does one file an answer?fiancee was just served by LVNV FUNDING LLC, ASSIGNEE OF SEARS today, I want her to file an answer since I didn`t know about these boards for my upcoming case,I want her to have an advantage unlike me.
  10. I am going to validate a case. do I send a validation to Midlands address or or to the local attorney working for Midland? In others words to I send it to Midland main office or the local lawyer who will represent them in court? thanks
  11. it will probally only be part-time as she now takes seizures. I myself am disabled and live on a fixed income. no help from me unfortunately money wise, maybe even at a $100?
  12. My fiancee can only work part time now due to our baby daughter being born,with that she can`t afford to pay Sally Mae 180 a month and has missed at least 4 payments in a row.She would like to make smaller monthly payments? any info or any help and suggestions? She has consolidated and forbearanced it all ready. She could afford to pay $50 dollars thanks
  13. So I would call them, make settlement,have them send it to me in writing and then show up in court with the settlement showed as paid,then asked judge to dismissed with prejudice? thanks
  14. thanks and last question also I just checked my fico score and this is on it Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?] $700 Account seriously past due date/account assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department ????? any help with this information? thanks
  15. Do I still have time to file an answer? the trial is feb 26 and I would like to settle for the 300 hundred the card was for($185 of it was activation fees) is there a link to a good answer I could use to respond to this with some tweaking?