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  1. Well I was working in a collections law firm. But no longer... I got laid off a couple of weeks ago. JERKS.. Anyways, now I'm just at home spending time with my girls, Applied to go back to school @ the local college this fall and am considering opening a debt counseling firm here in the great ole' Salt Lake Valley to help people get their finances in order. YAY Ya'll have no reason to hate me anymore. haha Oh and my other job is a dance teacher. Love every second of that job.
  2. If you know the bill is yours, and you intend on paying it then I really don't see a need to drag this out with a DV process. However; NEVER do anything over the phone. EVER EVER EVER! Any payment you are going to make do it through the mail with a Money Order. Never use a personal check or anything that could be traced back to your personal bank account. Also if you intend on paying the bill in full(depending on the amount) and can do it in one payment I would try for a Pay for Delete. That would probably be a great option for you. But again GET IT IN WRITING... Before you ever send payment.
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    Yeah One boy and 4 girls. Their costumes are a seafoam green color. Just your standard Ballet tutu. He doesn't have one yet. Cute Idea..I'll have to download that tonight. Thanks
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    Ok, so I teach dance part time, and I'm stuck. I have to come up with a song age appropriate for a tap dance. There is a little boy in my class so I want to do something cute with it. The ages range from 4 to 8. Any input would be great. I could really use some help with this brain blockage. THANKS
  5. Reading Rainbow... It's an old TV show on pbs, and they used to show episodes in Elementary school when the teacher got tired of us.
  6. Might I suggest to open a new account transfer all funds from the current one over, then close the account tomorrow after you have transferred your husbands check? The bank should be able to do that for you. Good Luck
  7. Unifund sells off most of their debts. Just from experience in the industry this account will probably end up with some other company before long. Search this site for the 623 method, it works! & listen to what these guys say. They know what they are doing. If you PM me I can tell you a little bit more about Unifund that I cannot post publicly.
  8. This is the consumer side of me saying this(nothing to do with my job...forget you even know what I do) Nascar I absolutely agree with you!! That would be fabulous, but I think you hit the nail right on the head. Our country is so consumed by greed and money that nearly everyone has forgotten about person behind the money/debt. I doubt the laws will ever change, and just like the next guy I hate them too. JDB's have friends in high places that make a lot of people a lot of money. Is it wrong & corrupt. YES but sadly enough MOST Congressmen/Senators I would dare say are corrupt enough to l
  9. Ok, so I'm not gonna try to defend myself. it's not worth it. But I am who I am and I've always been honest on here. To OMGWhatHaveIDone?(and others) Who says a collector can't laugh. Just cause I have a not so fabulous job in the eyes of most people that doesn't mean I can't have a sense of humor about it. And Yes I agree CIC is a CA's worst nightmare. BUT like I've said 100 times. My company I work for is not like most CA's in this Country. No we're not huge. We don't have a lot of employees. We're a rather small operation, and we do things a lot nicer way than most collection agencies. So
  10. http://law.justia.com/missouri/codes/t36/5360000068.html That is the Missouri state code on Responsive pleadings/ which your summons says you "may be permitted to file" Also in looking up Chapter 517 of the Missouri state code it says unless you file answers...etc all statements in the petition etc, will be considered Denied. So Sorry I should have looked up state law first. My bad. But it looks like you don't need to file. Unless you intend on Filing a counter-claim or an affirmative defense to the suit. (http://law.justia.com/missouri/codes/t35/5170000031.html) As to the discovery process..
  11. Number one you'll want to make sure to file a response to the Summons & Complaint. I'm sure there is an example on here somewhere, And your local court website should have a court doc. help site. Second definitely make sure to request discovery and get all the info you can find on this debt that you have, & make copies of them. (always keep the origonals) Make sure to request validating documentation in the discovery process. Lastly I'd do some research and make sure they did everything exactly according to the laws in your state.
  12. I'm not paid on comission, and I don't exactly make good money either.
  13. This is just my opinion on that. I can't give you an answer as to why they are doing it. But my opinion on that one is Some people are just plain crappy!! and desperate to keep their numbers up so they'll bug anyone at any phone number they have. The second possible reason I can see, is a lot of places have different skip trace departments who cannot see the collectors note (stupid I know, but true) so a lot of times they'll skip trace a number back and just stick it on there to get it off their desk. To get rid of them?? hahaha J/K The only tactic I can see is try using the fdcpa where it ba
  14. Ok so first let's ammend that don't talk to collectors to say don't make an agreement for settlement and/or payments over the phone. that goes a long with get everything in writing. I do talk to a number of people on the phone everday and it's actually very pleasent usually. Secondly... well let's put it like this. From my personal experiences....Those who are "hiding" are the ones who do not have any intention to pay their debts, and usually have more than a few accounts in collections. and they are generally pretty high balances. Very rarely do I ever see someone who has actually hit hard