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  1. Wilshire Mortgage has now gone away but my loan was acquired by BoA for servicing about 2009-2010. I have disputed Wilshire on all 3 bureaus but it keeps coming back verified even though Wilshire is no longer. I have also disputed BoA items since BoA no longer services my loan (for about 3 years). Is it possible to get Wilshire and BoA removed since they no longer service? and how should I approach that?
  2. Texas Our loan was serviced by Wilshire before BAC. We had asked for a modifcation from Wilshire in 7/2009, and again in 12/09 (Wilshire)(we did not qualify even with the harship). BAC started servicing in 7/2010 and we tried to refi/modify starting in 7/2012. I had to esculate to the OOP. In December, 4th, we rec'd a denial letter, the very next day, 5th, we were approved for an in-house mod. During the process, I had re-submitted numberous times, the same documents.... Needless to say, the modification was nothing more than tacking the 2 late payments onto the end of the note and making that principal balance. I would like to pursue this and have all the documents back and forth and my emails regarding the process with Wilshire and BAC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to counsel that I could contact regarding this matter?
  3. I just rec'd a 1099c with code G. If this is actually cancelled debt, will the CR show a 0 balance? I intend to go insolvent, but considering how muddy the water is, I am assuming a 0 balance....
  4. Is there an affidavit confirming/authenticating the records/documents supplied? In other words did someone authenticate the stack of papers as being true and accurate records of fact?
  5. I have no idea when an OC would file a 1099C w/the IRS but would it be advisable to go ahead and file form 982 so as to run interference with the IRS? Does anyone have any input on this or any personal experience regarding the IRS and form 982 insolvencey? Thanks.
  6. Yes, they are marked in dispute. Is there nothing to do but continue to dispute w/CRA?
  7. I rec'd my report back from TransUnion and Asset Acceptance (Bealls) and Equable Ascent Fncl LLC (CO) verified to the CRA but did not respond to my validation request directly to them. I called TU and requested MOV and got, from David Brown with the Indian accent, that disputes are handled electronically and all he could give me was the same info posted on the updated report. I know there are violations here, but I am not sure how to proceed at this point....Please give me some input and suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Ok, that would seem reasonable, as all charge offs are noted, and happened 2008, but from reading these boards, CO seems to just place with CA, or so it seems. I am really over whelmed and needing advise on how to attempt to clean up my credit. I'm in Texas, debts are from 2008, OC seemed to have charged off and of course there are CA listings that I keep validating. I've got at least 17 negatives on my CRs, and Equifax has the most detailed information from what I pulled yesterday, but at this point I really don't know how to proceed. I would like to wipe it all out, but not sure how to do that, should I PFD with OC and stipulate the status and do not sell clause? Sounds easy???? I really need to get on this so that I can help my son with college and other things that will come up since he is out of the house. I just feel so overwhelmed and lost at this point. Advise please, I keep reading and reading these boards, and they are chalked full of great information but I can't seem to find something similular to my situation to get an idea of just exactly how to start off......
  9. How do you know for sure if a TL has been charged off without calling the OC? My reports are contradictory in that they indicate charge off in the current status and comment sections and some will have the charge off amount indicated and some don't....I've noticed that CO reports the same deragatory account twice on Equifax....
  10. WaMu account was settled and paid 11/08. I pulled credit reports 11/09 and sent letters to all 3 CRA. Got a letter from Chase last week stating they own the account and if I thought otherwise to fill out the fraud request or the acceptance of debt. I have proof that the account has been paid as agreed, how do I get the listing off CR and Chase to dry up and blow away from this situation?
  11. I've disputed with all 3 CRAs, rec'd from TU yesterday that 4 of the 5 items disputed were deleted. Of course Hilco Receivables was verified. At this point, do I contact CRA and request method of verification? Hilco reports as an open account, which is not the case since it is a charge off from Cap 1. Or do I demand validation from Hilco. Thanks.
  12. I sent a sob story letter last May saying that I didn't refuse to pay just couldn't and the balance at that time was around $3,000. I figure that I'll do a good faith I didn't say I wouldn't pay, whiney sob story letter and see if I can work some sort of settlement out, not really willing do do more than $2,000 since I notified them and cried possible bankruptcy. Just didn't know if I should start at the credit bureau or go directly to Discover....I have several like this but with lesser balances and will work on getting them all resolved. Would you happen to know if Discover is like Capital One in that they don't like to make working with them easy?? I'm new at this and don't want to mess up my chances of making good.
  13. I have a Discover card that is charged off, May 2008 was last activity. I have pulled CRs and am trying to start cleaning. Do I start with the CRA and verify or should I go directly to Discover and negotiate a settlement and set terms of settlement?
  14. How did you get it off when they sent it to a collector and how do you determine you are judgement proof?