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  1. How would I find that out?
  2. Looks like AmEx (OC) made me an offer too- "Dear Ama, We are writing to make you aware of a payment plan that may help you resolve your debt with Amex. You will be able to return your account to a current (non-delinquent) status through a payment plan over a specified period of time. As long as you comply with the terms, you will receive the following assistance: - If applicable your APR will be lowered - You won't be charged for additional late fees or over-limit fees that may otherwise accrue on your account while you're on this plan Please call us today. - Some guy Director, Risk Customer Service Network"
  3. One of my debts is a $450 CC that just went to NCO. I got their initial letter last week and have been working on a DV to send to them. But before I had the chance to send it, today I got this brightly-colored, fun letter in the mail which I will summarize here: My understanding is that I should be aiming for PFD, not this. So after I send the DV, should I wait for their verification and then respond (with a letter not a phone call, I know) with my own settlement terms - PFD if I pay x amount? What should my initial offer be? Thanks.
  4. I'm working this summer! I just wanted to know if two months from now would be too late also.
  5. Well I picked one OC at random and called them. I asked if I could speak to their "hardship department". The CSR said they could take care of it? This was before I told them any personal info. Then I explained my situation, that I'm in school and everything, and if they'd be willing to work out a payment plan. She said "probably not, a lot of people are having problems right now and we get this same call all day" and then I asked if she wanted my personal info to look up my file. She put me on hold forever, came back and basically repeated what she had said before. So that sucks. As far as thinking that disputing all your negatives will work, I don't think anything about that theory, which is why I'm asking for advice. But according to this website, it's the first thing that you should do. Right? I do think it's weird that the idea seems to be: dispute the debt, even if it's valid, because you might be able to nail them on a technicality, but whatever. I'll go back to looking for a job, but it's hard to find one that works with your hours, I have one class (only offered this semester and only at this time) at 8:30A and one at 4:30, plus the commute. But yeah, I'm glad to hear that no one here has ever been in debt before because y'all are so responsible.. geez Looking for a job and being unsuccessful is really discouraging so after a few months I focused more on school and kind of accepted that I probably wasn't going to get something that would go with my weirdo hours, it's not because I hate working or anything, I just get caught up with school stuff, but I will keep looking.
  6. Okay, after seeing a lot of posts like this one... did you guys all have legitimate debt, or no? Is it really just as simple as contacting NCO for verification (even if the debt is real) and then they give in? Er, seems too easy...
  7. So if I'm not mistaken, the best strategy is: 1. Send them a letter asking them to validate your debt. 2. Assuming they validate it, send them another letter attempting to negotiate the debt - you provide the terms (starting at around 25% of what you owe). 3. If they don't agree to your terms, offer to pay the entire amount, but only if they delete it from your credit report. Is that the right order? Agencies don't typically agree to delete the debt if you pay less than the full amount, right? (I have one CC that went to collections, amount owed is around $500)
  8. And this comment is why I wrote such a long preface! I feel like the Octo-Mom here guys, don't shoot me. Of course I don't think it's okay, which is why I feel terrible about it, because I always used to think the same way about students who didn't have jobs and complained.. but now I'm right there with them. I loved my last job. I was fired for coming in late over the last month or so, my fault entirely. Won't do that again. Both. I interviewed with temp agencies also, but nothing ever came of them. I love my major! I'm taking 21 credit hours this semester, sans the typical easy electives, so it's just a lot of work. I COULD change majors to something easy, but then I wouldn't be passionate about it and I'd have to start all over. The way I see it, I'm almost done so I might as well hang in there until I am. You sure they'll be willing to listen to someone who hasn't picked up the phone in five months? I'm just saying, I didn't know these hardship programs existed, and from all the horror stories I assumed that it was better to communicate with "them" via letter and do nothing over the phone.. not realizing "them" was collections agencies. So far one has went to collections. How should I divide the money up, should I pay that one off first, or the one with the largest balance (about $2K)? Well geez now I'm scared to wait until summer. Maybe it'll be unfixable by then!
  9. How long does it usually take them to sue? How late on your payments do you have to be? Because I feel bad about it.. but it's too long, so I'll delete it. I didn't even know CC companies had hardship departments. Oh, can't take the bus because my parents live 1 1/2 hours from campus, and I already eat their food and take it to school with me for lunch. But I'll probably cancel the phone. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I've had this website bookmarked for several months and have hesitated to post until now. I'm posting now because my situation has finally got that bad and I don't know where else to go. I have student loans, a car loan, and six credit cards. The student loans and car loan are not a problem - my parent pays the student loan, I manage to get enough every month to pay my car loan. The balance of the credit cards is around $8,000, but I haven't used any of them since 2006. Just recently, one went to collections. I get phone calls as frequently as every ten minutes from collectors. I have not contacted any credit card company, I've never answered a call, to tell them about my situation, because I'm sure they hear similar tales all the time. I feel that the other cards will go to collections fairly soon as well. Today I received my first letter from collections (NCO Financial Systems), collecting on a $500 IKEA credit card debt, which says I can write them a letter within 30 days to verify the debt. I plan on sending them the sample letter 9 for debt verification purposes first, but after that I'm not sure what to do. My Question: I feel that my situation is a little unique here, since most other people are at least employed. Considering I have no steady income source and won't until next year, what is my best approach for dealing with this credit card debt, and collectors? I'd like to make an action plan, but I'm a little confused as to what to do after "Step 1: Send debt verification letter to collection agency." Thank you so, so, so, so very much for any responses. I will answer any questions if needed.