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  1. This is the way to remove inquiries from Equifax. I know how to fix it, now you do too. I really hope this helps somebody else, too.
  2. Ok i just found this out 5 mins ago. I am signed up for alot of different monitering services. This is for the purpose of creating bumpage to remove inquiries but also to be able to pull a report at multiple times during the day. I get changes in real time almost. Yesterday I applied for a credit line at HHGregg and got approved for $3000 so I started app whoring. Today I logged in to see the damage. I use Truecredit, Chase ID Protection, CreditCheck Total, and Equifax credit watch. I pulled my report from Eq, and saw that I had gone from 21 inquiries to 26. Just to give it a try I clicked on the option to "Dispute File Information". Then I clicked on the inquires section. Please note this is a new dispute format from Equifax. I have always had to submit mine through email before. Once the inqury dispute section opened I chose every single inquiry. They give you two options to chose from. "I did not authorize this inquiry" or "This inquiry is fraudulent" I put fraudulent for most but unauthorized for a few. Once I had submited the dispute I ran my report on CreditCheck Total. I was down to just 8 inquiries. Every inquiry I disputed as fraudulent was gone. Then it let me go back in to Equifax and do it all over again. This time on Equifax there were only 8 inquiries to dispute, and I chose fraudulent for ALL. So I pulled my updated report from Chase, and now I have no inquiries from Equifax at all! Btw, using Truecredit and pulling a Transunion update everyday does cause bumpage. I have no inquiries on TransUnion either. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps somebody.
  3. Well, 2 days ago, I had my bankcard out on the phone with Verizon ready to pay an $85 dollar charge-off. I had already DV'd it and they sent me perfect validation. So I'm on the phone with this nice lady in collections, (account had been written off for 2 yrs) and she ask me to hold while she looks over the usage. Apparently this is a very special department because nobody else can look at anything over 6 months old, and would not even talk to me about a written off account. Anyway she comes back after 10 mins and says don't worry about it. They will $0 the balance and pull the account back from the CA and all three CRA's within 72 hrs!! I didn't even ask for that I just wanted to pay it so the loan officer at the bank wouldn't look at me condescendingly, and remind me that I have a charged-off utility when I ask for a loan. So I hang up and immediately want to shoot myself. I didn't get a department name, employee name, id number... Absolutely nothing to back up the fairy-tale at a later date. I forget about it until today I pull my Truecredit update. Verizon charge-off has been deleted and score jumped 42 pts. I can't wait to see what that does on Experian and Equifax. I know, technicaly not paid-off, but still another win towards being debt free.
  4. FALSE but i do hope it cause business to be slow at work then I get to go home early. TNP only changes/washes the sheets on their bed if they know someone else may sleep in it. (ie: out of town relatives visiting)
  5. Hi everybody! This is my first post ever, and for it to be such good news is really exciting for me. I mailed off letters to the Big 3 on January 1st 2009, disputing everything negative on my husband's credit report as "Not Mine". He had 2 tax liens, several medical collections, and some slow pays on old accounts that he had co-signed for a friend. At the same time I mailed off DVs to all creditors, hoping to slow down their verification. Today I pulled his credit report online at Truecredit, like I do everyday, and there it was !! 2 !!, i said two, public records removed. I scrolled down and sure enough, the 2 tax liens were gone. His score jumped 75 pts. Here's hoping that Equifax and Experian follow along as well. I can't pull their reports to check until Feb 11th though.