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  1. I have 3 accounts with one CA and only one is showing on my report because the other 2 are older than 7 years. I need the one that is showing still off my report and the CA said that they will not remove it until all are paid off. I am fairly sure that this is illegal but wanted to check here with you guys before I take action. All three have seperate account numbers with the CA, so if I got a money order that hes the account number of the one I need to get off my report and got a payment receipt arent they required to remove that account number or at least list it as paid? If anyone has an
  2. OK.. so I will call the dentists office and see what they have for an outstanding balance.. Whatever it is, can the CA get whatever they tacked on other than that? And if I pay the dentists office their balance, will that restart the SOL on the collection account?
  3. I have a collection for a dentist bill from 2006. The total was $700'ish and the CA is now harassing me for $1000'ish. If I go to the dentist office and pay the original bill, am I still responsible for the extra that the CA tacked on? I am pretty sure that they will just sell the remainder to another CA to try and collect, but can I be sued over the extra amount?
  4. Can a JDB list different reporting dates and amounts for a single OC account number?? This is what I am seeing on my credit report: For the OC's account number (xxxx001 for say $250), the JDB is reporting on my CR four of their accounts (xxxxx01 for $25, xxxxx02 for $75, xxxxx03 for $100 and xxxxx04 for $50) alll with different reporting dates... How is this legal to do?! I have the account numbers directly from the OC so I know that there are\should be only 3 accounts total and the JDB is listing 12!! I hope this makes more sense as in all of my searching, I have not found another case like
  5. But can they break up an OC's account into several accounts?? The OC has never been on my credit report just this JDB. The SOL varies anywhere from this June to Oct 2012. How can they list different reporting dates for a single OC account number?? I feel that I am not portraying clearly as to what they are doing.. For the OC's account number (xxxx001 for say $250), the JDB is reporting on my CR four of their accounts (xxxxx01 for $25, xxxxx02 for $75, xxxxx03 for $100 and xxxxx04 for $50) alll with different reporting dates... I hope this makes more sense as in all of my searching, I have
  6. bump.. someone has an answer here, i just know it!!
  7. I pulled my credit report the other day and noticed that there is a JDB listing 12 accounts on my report all with different amounts and dates. I sent a PFD letter CMRRR for 50% (overly generous I thought) of the total debt. They returned a denial letter stating I owed the entire amount with a list of the OC's original account numbers. There are only 3 different accounts from the OC!! So the JDB is reporting 4 accounts for every one of the OC's accounts!! Is it legal for a JDB to do this? And how do they put different reporting dates for the same OC account?!? These accounts are the only
  8. I have 12 entries on my Credit report from one CA all with different account numbers that vary in amounts from $1 to $121. While trying to find their phone number and correct address to contact them, The address that is listed on my credit report for the CA is now a real estate firm. The entries are valid medical bills from 6 years ago that my insurance should have paid but didn't. Instead of fighting them I need these tradelines off my report ASAP as I am going to attempt a house purchase within the next 6 months. Was going to do a PFD letter, but if the CA is no longer in business, could
  9. Thanks everyone for you replies!! Good or not so good... lol I do have an added question. The wage garnishment paper I recieved from the CA had the judgement amount but the amount due is almost $1000 more than that.. Am I obligated to pay the total amount or just the judgement amount? My concern is that since they already have the judgement they are going to start to attach HUGE fees and fines just to get more money...What can I do here?
  10. It's been a while since I have been on here, but I got a judgement last September just after I had gotten laid off from my job. I got called back in July and within a month I received wage garnishment papers. Is there anything that I can do to fight this. The CA won the default on some BS paperwork w/o a Crap1 cardnumber or my social sec. # but I just got back to work and I am trying to pay family members b4 this. What to do??
  11. Fought pro se case against Capital Financial for a citicard that I never had. No real evidence from attorney just hearsay evidence and judge couldnt care less. New judgement against me for $6000. Now, I am unemployed, rent my house, name not on my car, no real assets to speak of other than unemployment checks. Can the CA garnish my unemployment checks? They said that they can (and will..) but I thought that I read on here that they can't do that.. The only thing that they might get to is my wifes checking acct. that my name is joint on. Any suggestions on what to do to put them off unti
  12. Well, went to court today on the motion to dismiss and the friggin' lawyer for the JDB WITHDREW THE MOTION!!! Now he says that he has a witness and wants a continuance. He did tell me that the witness is from the JDB not the OC (because the OC has no record of this account). So my question is what do I ask the witness next month to discredit them as a reliable witness?? I have the feeling that is the same person that signed the affidavit but he wouldn't tell me a name. Also, he said that the witness might have additional paperwork to prove their case and that he didnt have to give it to me
  13. I have posted in this forum all about how I am being sued for a CC I never had and all the lawyer can come up with is a hearsay affidavit and a fax of some alleged CC statements with no purchases or payments on them. Well, today I received a motion to dismiss without prejudice. Is there any way (1) to fight this into a dismiss WITH prejudice? and (2) the motion date is the exact time and date of my bench trial hearing so I am wondering if the motion is even legit? Meaning are they trying to get me to not show up and try and procede with a default judgement? Regardless, I will be there eith
  14. I know that I have seen in this forum something about Crap 1 agreement stating VA SOL which is 3 years. My question is that do ALL Crap 1 agreements have this?? NCO just sent me a dunning letter for a Crap 1 account, that I thought was paid off by the way, and in case it wasn't I am curious about the SOL as one of my defenses if they decide to sue...thanks in advance for your help...