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  1. Exactly. I dealt with the same law firm earlier this year, and they dismissed after I contacted them via email to ask for the discovery request to be transmitted electronically. Of course, they had already seen my response to their lawsuit, and were probably just waiting to see how far I would follow through with it. As soon as they knew I was for real, they dropped it.
  2. Send the lawyers suing you a motion for discovery, asking for and and all records regarding this account. Instructions are available on this forum.
  3. My promised update: The cover letter sent with the discovery request noted that I could request the discovery to be sent electronically (email). I sent an email, with return receipt, requesting that and also stated that I would be sending them my discovery motion the same way. They dismissed the lawsuit after I did that.
  4. There is incredible information both in this thread and on the forum in general that allowed me to get notice from the lawyer representing Midland Monday, and from the court today, that my case was dismissed by Midland without prejudice (I know, with prejudice would have been better). The key to my case was in answering the discovery request from Midland's lawyers. Their cover letter sent with the discovery request stated that I could request an electronic copy of the discovery request. I sent an email to the lawyer requesting the electronic copy, and in that email notified him that I would be sending my discovery request via email. The lawyer then voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit. I think that companies like Midland have a cost-benefit calculation they use, and if the costs are going to outweigh the likelihood of getting a judgment, they will fold. This is even more true for small debts (mine was just over $600). YMMV.
  5. I am dealing with the same law firm in court right now. First they filed the suit, with their main evidence being a scan of the terms of agreement for the credit card, with no signature. They also admitted in their original filing that they have no statements, contracts, or anything else proving the debt. After my answer to the original filing, they sent me a First Motion for Interrogatories, which basically asked me to prove their case for them. I'll keep you updated, as we have a pre-trial hearing April 20, but make sure you answer the lawsuit so as to not get a default judgment against you.
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