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  1. They can't do it better than you can do it. They don't care about anything but your money in their pocket
  2. I find it funny that they won't pay for delete as its only $75. Stupid on their end as I would not make the payment if they did not delete it
  3. If the CA purchased the debt you need to pay them. Many times in regards to medical they are one in the same so it is a possibility
  4. I had an old BOA CC that was charged off and assign to a CA. While fighting with the CA we agreed to a pay for delete in which they no longer show on my CR but unfortunately the OC still does and shows as written off. I of course disputed it with the Credit Agencies and it shows as validated. what would my next step be as I really would like to see it off my report?
  5. here is some ammo. Some of the vets can assist further as it might not all be aplicable Affirmative Defense 1. The alleged debt is over 3 years old and the Statute of Limitations on this alleged debt has expired. This allege debt is time-barred under Colorado Statute 13-80-101. Colorado Statute 13-80-101: TITLE 13 COURTS AND COURT PROCEDURE: LIMITATION OF ACTIONS : ARTICLE 80 LIMITATIONS - PERSONAL ACTIONS: 13-80-101. General limitation of actions - three years. (1) The following civil actions, regardless of the theory upon which suit is brought, or against whom suit is brought, shall be comme
  6. its been tabled. Most likely it will be sold to a JDB but perhaps you are lucky and it never resurfaces
  7. Always nice when the mouse beats the cat...
  8. My understanding is that this will now stay on my report for 7 years. Granted it will say settled paid in full but I believe it will still be on the report. I have asked my attorney to request that they delete it.
  9. Settled for $4500 Better than almost 16K and in addition I did not want to Lie when I had a deposition taken Only think I do not like is that it will show settled paid in full
  10. Sued by JDB. Right now as I understand, they can not produce a contract between me and the OC. Perhaps its just nerves on my part. 80% seems way high for me to settle. I am not looking forward to having a deposition taken and who knows what questions they ask and how I should answer them
  11. I am in the discovery stage of my case and my Lawyer calls me to see if I would settle. I am a bit miffed as at first he stated I had a strong case. Perhaps he was just given an offer and was obligated to ask me about it. They offered 80% for me to pay which I feel is crazy since it 12K. He made mention that within the next few weeks there would be depositions taken and that the prosecution would then ask me if I indeed opened up an account with the OC. Well the honest answer is I do not recall but most likely yes. He stated the next question would be did you ever use the OC card? At with I gu