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  1. Hello! My son just received a collection letter from Convergent seeking a settlement offer on a balance of $782.84 for a Paypal account owned by Comenity Capital Bank, I monitor my sons credit (with his permission) and he did have a Paypal account that was paid in full and closed in November of 2012, this is also stated on his credit report, the account numbers don't even match. I am sending a dispute letter cmrr and was wondering if I should acknowledge that he did have a Paypal account and it has been paid and closed since 2012 or should I just send a simple dispute saying it is not his and to prove it? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Hello and thank you in advance for your advice! I owed Midland $180.05 and put it on the back burner...anyway I get another letter in August giving me three options to take care of this debt..I took the first option which was 40% of the debt and if received by 9/16/2016 my account would be marked Paid in full for less than full balance. I sent a cashiers check for $72.02 (cashed) and also received another letter saying they received my payment on 9/16/2016 and thanking me for it..yet telling me that the option had expired and they just dinged my credit report for the balance of $108.03 saying I still owed them....I have copies of everything....so even though I took the first option I still owe the rest? Should I even consider small claims court with them? Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I am trying to help my mom and was hoping someone could give me some advice on what the next step would be...my father passed away in Feb 2011 and March 2011 is when my mom made the last payment on their house, she did not want to live there anymore since that was where my dad died..the note was held by BOA who tried to collect for about 3 years then sold it to M & T Bank who has been trying to collect for about 2 years. Here comes the good part..while M & T Bank is trying to collect for the house and dinging my mom's credit report..BOA has filed a lawsuit which then turns into this other company Lake View servicing...who sued my mom..the house was finally foreclosed and sold on 3/15/2016 with a judgement for Lake view and yet M & T Bank is still sending my mom letters saying she is behind on the mortgage. My question is..what type of letter should I send to M & T Bank? My mother no longer owns the house and yet has two companies continually asking for money for it. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!
  4. I piggy back on my husbands cc...capitalone..discover and macy's have shown up on my cr as authorized user with good history.
  5. Hello all I have a quick question that maybe some can offer advice on? I currently live in Wisconsin and I am thinking of doing bankruptcy. I am married but it would just be me filing. I have no income but my spouse works..he has some debt but not much and the mortgage which is in his name but I am on the deed with him. My debt including student loans (I know those arent discharged) is over 10 thousand. Now if I just file will any of those debts be placed on him? We have only lived here three years and I am not sure how a community property state works with a bankruptcy. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Hello all! Just got a call from a place called NR group that deals with arbitration for Cashnet. I don't remember taking this payday loan out, though it might be possible with the date they gave me (they say it was 2/2007). Anyway, I was told it was taken out for 325 and now it is a little over 500 and it is on its way to civil court where I was informed that it could go to with court and attorney fees about 1200 to up to 2500..I never received any type of letter for this or I would have disputed in a heartbeat. Now they tell me I will be sued, I was like ok...see you in court and have a nice day...guy hung up on me. Should I just sit back and wait for the summons? Oh yeah..for some reason this place called my elderly neighbor who is very ill trying to find me, is that even legal...I mean we hardly know each other! I live in Wisconsin so if there is someone out there that could let me know what the laws are for dealing with payday loans. Thanks so very much!