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  1. Specifically what language could I use to make them respond to me? What part of the FDCPA are they violating by not replying to my faxes? -FIETTS
  2. I'm trying to pay these jerks their money but they won't respond to my faxes requesting the original debt amount, current debt amount and the interest rate(s) they have been charging me, but they won't respond to my faxes - what gives? They've already verified and proven that I owe the money. I even hired an attorney (read: wasted $500) to look over the documents and she said I was better off paying before they sued me. What are they waiting for? Do I have to get an attorney to force them to give me basic info?
  3. I don't care about the money. They can have it (once I get it). I just want to protect my credit report as much as possible. They refused PFD or installment plans, so I figured once they put it on my report I just wouldn't pay it and let it fall off in 7.5 years. Once they sue me, will the reporting time on my credit report be extended? Will there be a new TL on my credit report? If they win the future lawsuit, once I pay the debt will that payment extend/reset the time they can report to the CB? What if I refuse to pay even after they sue?
  4. Maybe I didn't state my question clearly enough. I know they want me to pay them, but what would waiting 4 years to sue me do? (extend time the collection would be on credit report?, garnish wages?, wait for interest to build up?, etc...) Thanks for the quick response though
  5. I have a $6,000 debt in Michigan for an early lease termination fee in 5/08. Debt has been validated. CA called me and we couldn't work out an arrangement. They refused a PFD. CA later called demanding payment and interest. We told CA that since they marred our credit they won't get a dime and we will wait out the 7.5 years from 5/08 for it to fall off credit report. CA later called and threatened to sue in 4 years. Why would they do that?
  6. MI is a one party state, and I just happened to record the call for the heck of it so I could accurately tell a lawyer what we discussed! Here is the exact conversation: Me:I think $500 a month [from me and my other roommate] from each of us is enough to keep this off of our credit reports. It will all be paid off within 6 months and we will be... CA: ...But I can't do the 6 months [installment plan] for your credit Me: But I don't understand why though CA: We're really not supposed to be doing that period Me: I mean, it's not a law or anything saying that you Have to report CA: Yeah it's
  7. Yes, I've read that I could dispute it off because the CA won't want to bother with the paperwork after they've gotten their money. But there's no guarantee on that. Are there any other options that I haven't exhausted? By the way, when does the 7 year SOL start? 6 months from when the CA starts reporting or do I have to actually get sued for the money first?
  8. Ok, I've tried asking them and of course they're not budging. I made the rookie mistake before I read this forum and told them I need to make a major purchase soon and can't have this on my credit. Something that struck me as odd is the CA told me they are required by federal law to report to credit bureaus. They claim there is no way to arrange installments without still putting it on my credit report. They referred me to Federal Collection Law "it's in there somewhere" A friend told me to tell them if they touch my credit report they won't get a dime (but actually be prepared to take the 7
  9. I stayed in an apt complex in MI with 2 roommates. The lease was joint and several. We got evicted in May '08 (~5 months short of lease date) because one of the roommates brought a pitbull. We don't owe rent for the time after eviction, but we do owe an early termination fee and a refund of all rent specials totaling approx $6,000. They said they sent a letter about the debt to a forwarding address the same month we were evicted (May '08). They did not send a letter to all of us, as they claim they are not required to do so. I didn't leave them a forwarding address and can't remember if I f