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  1. Read the stickys at the top of the page make sure to use a graduated denial sworn affidavit also. Search the post for my name and you will find one of those. Make sure to file your answer with the denial before 21 days are up on the day you where served! good luck Jimiii
  2. I ask that same question every day
  3. What are the elements of breach of contract,unjust enrichment and the account had become stated? And when I use case to refute there arguments can i use federal cases or is that a bad way to do it I am in the Michigan 10th district court. Thanks Jim III ps search for my other posts to see the Motion for summary judgment they are seeking against me. Thanks Jimiii
  4. Lead pipe a mistake i made was not to attach to my answer a sworn denial It negates their sworn statement, very important. If you already have done your answer you need to amend it before the 21days are up with the sworn denial I am trying to add one now by filing a motion with the judge but that may not work but if you do it with your original answer you will force them to get a witness to show up. Regards Jimiii
  5. I did not file a sworn denial with my answer so i want the judge to grant a motion to extend the time for the answer I have attached my sworn statement and graduated denial for you to critique. Thanks jimiii Motion to extend time cleaned.pdf Sworn graduated denial cleaned.doc
  6. The plaintiff wants to have their Motion for summary judgment heard on the 30th during the pretrial hearing before I have had a chance for any discovery. I am in District court in Michigan where the judges decide whether or not discovery will be allowed. The plaintiff has also asked for 2 months for discovery. at the same time. If you look at the motion for summary judgment you can see that they said I did not file an affidavit in objection to their sworn affidavit with my Answer and I can't do it now. IS THAT TRUE? Regards Jimiii
  7. 158-):confused::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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