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  1. LOL, no. It's none of those banks. It's a major OC.
  2. Okay... Now I've run into a problem. As I mentioned before on this board, I was sued LAST YEAR IN OCTOBER by a JDB through their scumbag attorney. Throughout the entire span of the lawsuit, I received NOT ONE shred of documentation. Until now... Today, I received two affidavits from the JDB that were SIGNED AND NOTARIZED LAST YEAR. These affidavits talk about the "indebtedness and the ownership" of the account. Then to make matters worse, it's accompanied with a few card statements along with yet another affidavit signed and notarized by an alleged employee from the OC. This affidavit, h
  3. Debt validations, in my honest opinion, almost seem never work. If Asset Acceptance can't seem to properly validate a debt they claim you owe them, then WHY settle with them? If some lowlife off the street came to your door and said, "You owe me $20,000. But I'm willing to settle with you for $8,000." Would you pay that person just like that without having been shown the proof that such a debt is owed in the first place? Um, no. Asset Acceptance is nothing but trailer trash—just like Midland, LVNV, Unifund, NCO, Portfolio Recovery, etc, etc, etc. If they rack up FDCPA/FCRA violations, t
  4. This is an interesting thread. Somebody please correct me here if I'm wrong. But this also seems to be a great way to screw a JDB's case as well. Not just for an OC who is suing. We have seen many cases where a JDB has exercised the arbitration clause against consumers before the downfall of the NAF. So if a JDB, out of stupidity, produced the terms of agreement (with the clause) and was able to prove that this was the original agreement through an affidavit from the OC, then a consumer can also exercise the clause which would totally screw their case. Right? If that is the case, the JDB m
  5. LOL, I just love trueq. If I had a fraction of the brains that he has, I would have been out of debt a long time ago. Trueq, you seriously need to become a consumer lawyer. I'd pay top dollar for your services.
  6. The law still holds that they provide you legal validation if they intend to sue you. Make sure you file your Answer to avoid a default judgment AND file an FDCPA counterclaim against them because they jumped the gun. And Downto0 is right. DO NOT talk to them on the phone at all whatsoever. It will only make things worse for you because they will tell you everything under the sun that you do not want to hear just to upset you. All of your correspondence to them should be by certified mail only. What a bunch of slime balls.
  7. Thank you rikkivs for keeping your fingers crossed for me. I do hope that everything turns out alright. It IS a shame that I've had to put up with this for a year now. A year with uncertainty and NO documentation. Even though it's been hard, I'm happy that I decided to challenge them instead of giving in to them. As for judges, I don't mind if they are lenient. Sometimes it's a good thing when they are. But when when it comes to JDB lawsuits, they shouldn't be lenient at all. Our judges need to be informed of the hardball tactics that JDBs are bringing into our court system. If the maj
  8. I could be wrong. But I believe I have this JDB attorney running scared more now than ever. He thought I was going to be a little push over. But when I stood my ground and fought back, he wasn't prepared to handle it. Now, he has no choice but to succumb to the fact that I have him (and the trailer trash he's representing) wrapped around my little finger. Right now, I believe that it's too late to file counterclaims because too much time as passed. But even if it's not, I won't file any now. Why? Because my claims against them (both the JDB and the attorney) now exceed the jurisdiction
  9. Although I have yet to win the war against a certain JDB and their Kindergarten flunky attorney, I DID in fact win a battle that I didn't believe I could win. Here are the highlights to my ongoing case: 1. JDB attorney files bogus lawsuit (with no documentation) in hopes of obtaining a default judgment or scarring me into a payment plan. 2. Defendant files a nasty 3-page Answer. 3. JDB attorney stalls collection efforts and court proceedings for 8 months because no documentation exists in support of their claim nor can JDB counter Defendant's well written pleadings. 4. Judge gets tired and
  10. LOL, thank you KentWA and calawyer for clarifying this for me. I filed more court papers to the JDB attorney a few days ago. Unlike him, I try to conduct my work professionally even though I'm no attorney. BTW, another consumer law firm got in touch with me. They've called several times and have left me several messages. I even got the chance to speak with two associates. They are requesting that I send them all the documentation/court papers in regards to this case. They believe that my rights have been violated under the FDCPA and are interested in assisting me. I can't believe it. A
  11. I'm sorry calawyer. I may be having a blonde moment here, lol. But what do you mean by taking the opportunity to "SIC" some of their typos. I think I know what it means but maybe you can explain it a little better for me. And yes... The JDB attorney's paperwork is extremely SLOPPY. The last reply I got from them was filled with typos and punctuation similar to what I saw in 2nd grade. I can't believe that this type of work passes for a job that should be sleek and professional.
  12. My pleadings have been backed up by both facts and case law. That is why the JDB's attorney can't counter me.
  13. Guess what? A consumer attorney within my state contacted ME. I spoke with him for over a half hour and he wanted to know all the details about the case. He was extremely nice and helpful. However, I hardly doubt that he will be able to represent me because of distance. He's on the opposite side of the state. As I went into explaining how this alleged debt came about and what was being used against me, he told me that the JDB's attorney was making FALSE statements against me in court and that it was perjury and even fraud upon the court. I also told him that the JDB's employee was going
  14. I'm so sorry that I'm being cocky. But I'm just so upset that I'm being taken advantage of like this. Yes, I know it happens all the time. But still, I'm super p'oed because this "lawsuit" has been going on FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW with no merit or foundation. This party simply refuses to submit any documentation at all because they don't have it. This moron thought that I was going to just bend over and pay him once he filed that bogus lawsuit against me. But when I started to fight back, he now doesn't know how to get out of the mess he created. I have a 6th sense—and I can feel that he
  15. I swear I must be dealing with an JDB attorney who obtained his law license from a Cracker Jack box. In my ongoing saga with a JDB and their Kindergarten flunky of an attorney, I have filed a Motion to Strike their hearsay testimony against me for the trial that is scheduled for the end of this year. The judge however has yet to rule on my motion. When I filed my motion, I sited the Trinsey v. Pagliaro case law because the attorney was giving his own "testimony" in the pleadings. As we all know, attorneys can't testify. Well yesterday, I received a reply to my motion. The attorney must be