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  1. This is great advice! Do not do the same mistake i did and wait tooo long. Its all about reading and timing. Lots of helpful info on this site. Going to take time to find what you need. Role with the punches and put the money your not spending aside and create a contingency fund. Don't call it an emergency fund because guess what happens, you get an emergency.
  2. Welcome! I look forward to reading your posts...
  3. What if you are direct to the money, for example I am a Private Equity Lender who works directly with Loan Officer and Mortgage Brokers. I fund there deals through my private investors. They come to me when Banks wont fund there deals. If morrow were to do business with me and has complete confidence in our ability to fund deals could I offer our services to individuals on this site?
  4. That is awesome! May you be showered with gifts for your new place.
  5. Answer me this. Whats better having Terrible credit but 100K in the bank or having great credit with no money in the bank? In my opinion its having bad credit with money. What say you?
  6. That is perfect information. Well said!
  7. This is a great link i think i am going to add it to my favorites. I am a hard money lender looking for investors who want 10 to 12 % on a secured investment. I wonder if lawyers are a good source...
  8. If they cannot produce the note then that means that you can stop making payments till they can prove to you that you have a loan on the property. If they cant prove that then you dont have to pay. Talk to a lawyer about this because if they can not produce then you can own your home free and clear.
  9. that will work great. What i would do is ask them to produce the note. This will also by you more time.
  10. Can you tell us more about this new law what it is you are trying to get done?
  11. No i did not... Because the "Request for Default" was filed before my "Answer" the clerk said that they are going to review the request for errors and if there are errors then my answer is valid. If no errors are found then Default is granted.
  12. looks like I screwed myself and I am feeling sooooo sick to my stomach. Found out about a CA taking me to court after they filed paper work to get a Default Judgement. I submitted my answer and spoke to the clerk and he said that "because the Plaintiff filed a Request for Default before you submitted your answer and if and when the court reviews the Request for Default and if the default goes in and gets approved the answer will go away. But If it gets rejected your answer will stand ." What would stop them from reviewing the Request for Default? Is it a Motion to Dismiss? When the clerk said "if and when they review the request for default" to me means that I can prevent that from happening. Is there a thread that someone can direct me to so I know how to file a MTD is the State of California Should I call the Plaintiff's lawyer and start negotiating? What is the best course of action now? Please advice.... pretty please with a humongous cherry on top.
  13. Where would you find that? I am curious myself. CA said they served me but never got it. The address on my drivers license is different from were I live. Does this screw me?
  14. I made soooooo many mistakes here... what can I do to correct them? I feel like I am out of options. DATE CASE ACTIONS 11/19/08 Complaint Filed - Collection Case 11/19/08 Summons filed 12/03/08 OCS Set 5/26/09, 8:30am Dept 108, Notice Filed and Mailed 01/05/09 Proof of service to complaint Filed 01/08/09 Notice of case reassignment and order - plaintiff to give notice 01/28/09 Proof of service Filed+ [i never got served] 01/28/09 Proof of service Filed+ 01/29/09 Submission for default only pending I walked into the court house 02/06/2009 and filled an answer but left everything blank and only checked one of two choices. I went to a free aid place and they said lets deny and leave blank b.c we want to get this in to the court as soon as possible and then you have 10days to amend the answer by sending in another answer in section 3 put an X in box b. [defendant admits that all the statements of the complaint is true. What do I do to fix this messed up answer. I hope my answer gets posted before the [submission for default]. Down below is a copy of how I filled out my answer. 1. This pleading, including attachments and exhibits, consists of the following numbers of pages: 2 2. Defendant : My Name answers the complaint and cross-complaint as follows: 3. check ONLY ONE of the next two boxes: a. [x] defendant generally denies each statement of the complaint or cross-complaint. b.[ ] defendant admits that all the statements of the complaint or cross-complaint are true EXCEPT: (1) defendant claims the following statements are false [] Continued on Attachement 3.b.(1). (2) defendant has no infomation or belief that the following statments are true, so defendant denies them [] continued on Attachement 3.b.(2). Answer-Contract 4. [] AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES Defendant alleges the following additional reasons that plaintiff is not entitled to recover anything: [] Continued on Attachment 4. 5.[] other: 6. DEFENDANTS PRAYS a. that plaintiff take nothing b. [] for costs of suit. c. [] other (specify): Residence: Los Angeles, CA Plaintiff: Asset Acceptance LLC Defendant: Me. Original creditor was CITIBANK. Asset Acceptance bought them out. Date stopped paying was 5/05 I live in one location and my drivers license has a different address (parents home) where my mail is being sent. Nothing has been sent certified mail and I was never served paperwork and my parents were never served. I must say that they did mail out paper work to the address on my drivers license but thats not where I live. In any case, a Person came to the house to serve me but mother told them that I don't live there anymore and they did not leave the paper work with her. but court house says that I was served and they did not give her any paper work. (Do I have anything here to work with?) where do I go from here now that i submitted a blank answer?
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