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  1. so i just recieved a letter from I.C. Systems inc. in reguards to my WAMU cc what should i do next ???
  2. so ive mad some deals with these companys so i can get my payments back on track ..... wamu already sent me to collections --so what do i do there ???? i really dont want to go bankrupt ...... i foiund out that some companies dont care and some really do --i had one cc tell me to what 6 more days so that the acc is 60 past due and they could cut my payment in half and reduce my interest rate in half .....forever i thought that was pretty cool ........ i will kept everyone posted thxs everyone ps ive been reading the Dave Ramsey deal i think thats a pretty positive book ....
  3. Denita you are from Florida also ---- were can i find refferals for a good lawyer from my area ????
  4. you say work assuming the short sale wont close ----- what do you mean by that ?? btw thank you everyone for the input ..... i worked on about 6 cc today and all were re-negotiated for diff terms ..
  5. So i would like to say this site has alot of knowledge .... i ve been doing some reading the past several days. Im just overwelmed by the debt that i have. We have put our home up for sale so it doesnt foreclose we are trying a short sale and have an offer already so we are in a waiting game now with the 2 lenders i have a 1st and 2nd mortgage. I have 67,000 (21 creditors) dollars in unsecured debt im between 30 and 50 days past due on most of them and i dont know were to start, ive had meetings with attorneys for bankruptcy and we make to much money , i ve talk to debt settlement co. and i never had a good feeling about them and so i see from reading info on this site--- im a commisioned sales person and its so hard to make a budget my industry is terrible i just need some advice. thank you guys very much