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  1. use form 982 if you can claim insolvency, then the 1099 is meaningless
  2. i'm thinking Penncro is bogus in this case, their pay to line on the bottom of the letter is to GE Bank, so they aren't a "real" collection agency at this point.
  3. Got a letter from Penncro and associates for a GE Money Bank/Old Navy Visa card. What would be the best way to approach Penncro? I can do a 40% settlement right now, would anyone advise making that kind of offer on the 1st call? The balance is $4000 and the debt is between 60 and 90 days old.
  4. up to 3 payments is 3 months out to settle is not at all bad.
  5. I know 2 people who basically had to stop paying on their loans. They never really got harrased or anything because it seems prosper is 1)either out of business or 2)has basically no collections set up. Just wondering if anyone has had experiences with them/whoever collects for them.
  6. just wanted to let you guys all know, Citibank is sending out letters once you hit 120 days late OFFERING 40% settlements. I was a little shocked as not one call was required to them, they offered up 40% and it was a good offer. I tried to get 30% but they would not budge. So 40% it is. Not a bad deal.
  7. well for one, ........... And where this idea comes up that i, or others are "debt fixers" is really beyond me.
  8. what i know isn't just something you an explain in a few posts. It takes a LONG time and those who approach cards incorrectly or unprepared are bound to screw it up.
  9. because i am presenting FACTS, Form 982 and insolvency SOLVE all 1099-C related issues with Debt Settlement. Its not anything more than info people should know, its very cut and dry. He's saying "its likely you will have taxes to pay" and thats total BS. Is also irrelevant unless you get audited too, and chances of that are very slim.
  10. thats what i am saying, doing it yourself, but you have to know alot of inside stuff and tricks the cards use, else how would you know whats a good settlement and what isn't? You might think 50% from Bank of America was great for example..
  11. only better way i know is to negotiate with the creditors. This has nothing to do with "fixing" debt..this is the most ethical and least damaging thing to your future. Of course with this being a debt settlement forum, its what we are all looking for/advising others on here anyway.
  12. all depends on who the original creditor is/who holds the debt now. you are looking to settle for about 10%, i don't see that happening..
  13. if you have a legitimate liability vs asset sheet filled out, and are INSOLVENT you can and should file form 982, no more complicated than that. And call me a Debt Fixer again...
  14. again, where did i say anything about "fixing" anyone's debt? there are no magic tricks, but there are better ways to deal with situations.
  15. thats BS, i don't know what you consider a "debt fixer", but thats not what i do. Debt Negotiation is something anyone can do sure, but not everyone has the technique or correct approach.