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  1. Oh, does it matter that the person mentioned in this "judgement" and all the paperwork I had printed isn't me? It's the same last name but a different first name. How would I go about this?
  2. I was never served and didn't even know about this. Is there anything I can do?
  3. I put the latest records below. I thought this had been rejected. I was never served and only know about this because I was keeping up with a separate case. I went to the courthouse and had them print out the case. The papers show it was served to John Doe with a description not matching anyone in my household. I have no idea what's going on. Any ideas? 07/01/2009 Abstract of Judgment issued. 06/11/2009 Judgment by Default by Court filed by Worldwide Asset Purchasing II LLC successor in interest to Direct Merchants Bank NA. Worldwide Asset Purchasing II LLC successor in intere
  4. I won the judgement for memorandum of cost. I recieved the paper in the mail 2 weeks or so ago from the court saying so. I haven't recieved payment from the JDB yet. The paper didn't say how long they had to pay me. Is there a follow up I need to file or will they generally pay within 30 days?
  5. Thank you very much, Any idea on if they'll pay and is there a time limit they have to pay? If they don't pay, what do I do? I tried googling Memorandum of Cost and nothing much came up. If anyone can direct me to a step by step for this, it'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I called the court and they said the JDB has until the 30th (2 days away) to answer and to call back on May 1st. I assume if they don't answer I win and they'll be ordered to pay me?
  7. I recently had a case dismissed against me on March 26 and filed for memorandum of cost (I filed the proof of mailing also) on April 9. I also sent a copy to the JDB who sued me. Am I just waiting on the judge to sign the memorandum right now? Is there something else I need to pursue or file?
  8. I've won 2 cases. The first case I didn't even know about. They didn't serve me but claimed they had. The judge noticed they didn't have a contract so dismissed it after they filed for default. I got lucky. The second I won was because I filed an awesome demurrer (with the help of this site) Here's the first 11/06/2008 JUDGMENT submitted by PLAINTIFF rejected on 11/6/08. 09/11/2008 Default entered as to ******** on Complaint Demanding Less than $10,000 filed by Worldwide Asset Purchasing II LLC successor in interest to Direct Merchants Bank NA . 09/09/2008 Request fo
  9. I'll be filing the memorandum of cost in about 45 minutes, I need to send them a copy correct?. After filing, should I just sit back and wait for the check or is there a follow up I'll need to do.
  10. Thank you for the help on this. I want to file the memorandum of cost but I have a question. Will it cost me a fee to file it the way my demurrer cost a fee? Do I file it and mail a copy to the attorney of the JDB or do I just mail them a copy and if I don't hear back from them, then file it? The case was dismissed on 3/26/2009 so I think I have 7-8 days left to get this going.
  11. Thank you all for your help. I just saw online that the case was dismissed by the plaintiffs. Anyone know what the chances are of them refiling?
  12. So I don't need to file anything more. Am I waiting on a judge's ruling right now?
  13. A few things, lack of contract, the vague "essential terms", and when the alleged contract was entered into (SOL). I could paste the demurrer in but it's 6 pages long so I don't know if you want to read all that.
  14. I filed a demurrer as my answer and I just saw that they're looking for proof of service of 30-day summons & complaint. I didn't recieve anything in the mail from the courts about this. I just happened to look my case up online and noticed it. What does this mean? What would be my next step? 03/16/2009 Proof of Service of 30-day Summons & Complaint - Personal filed by LVNV Funding LLC Assignee of Bank of America. LVNV Funding LLC Assignee of Bank of America (Plaintiff) 02/18/2009 Demurrer filed by ****** (Defendant) 12/09/2008 Case assigned to Department E-21. 12/09/