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  1. I faxed a settlement offer/hardship letter to Citibank's attorney to try and settle. I am being sued by them, already served papers. The attorney tells me today that Citi will settle for $1600. The total debt is $2600, I offered $1000 in my settlement offer/hardship letter. Do I have a chance of getting them to settle for closer to $1000? I really only have $1000 to settle with them right now, it came from my tax return. What are the chances they will go lower? Do I wait it out, or try to do a counter offer?
  2. I faxed the letter to the attorney, it was received and I was told I would get a response by Monday of this week. I didn't get any response, so I called the attorney today (Friday) and spoke with him briefly. He put me on hold for a couple of minutes while he was pulling up my file and then told me he would call me right back in 5 minutes. He never called back. Should I call him again on Monday or wait it out? I was wanting to hurry up and get this settled before I have to answer the discovery requests. I have 50 days to do that, but the days are going by quickly at this point. I am not sure what to think at this point.
  3. I did respond with general denial as my original answer, but I haven't responded to their discovery requests yet, I have 50 days to do that and was hoping I could get this settled before then.
  4. I faxed the letter on Friday, supposed to get a response today on whether or not they accept the settlement offer. I was served papers already, I am trying to avoid going to court. I'll update when I get an answer today.
  5. I am being sued by Citibank. I tried calling them to discuss the account and was transferred directly to their attorney who is suing me. He advised me to fax him a "detailed hardship letter". I have looked online at many samples of hardship letters, but am having trouble figuring out how to do it based on the fact that we just got ourselves in trouble over the years with credit cards and I don't have a specific "hardship" to list as a reason. Our income has continuously gone up, no medical or health expenses or problems. We have overspent by living beyond our means and when the interest rates got raised to 30% + on many of the cards we were not able to make payments and it just spiraled from there. I am not sure how to explain this as a hardship. We took money out of savings and 401k to pay credit card payments and that was a terrible mistake. We have nothing left and now we are being sued and can't make any of the payments to the creditors. What can I put in the letter? Thanks.
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