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  1. Last year, I was involved in a domestic court case and my attorney is claiming I still owe money. They handed the "debt" off to another law firm and I received the dunning letter. Now the new law firm has filed a motion to intervene on behalf of the original attorney asking the court to intervene. I've searched on this site and there is limited information about intervening and it's usually one person intervening for another. I am confused about what the firm is asking the court to do and what I should do about it. Pretty much the motion says the firm moves the court to intervene as follo
  2. I use Identity Guard with Costco (I think you have to have a membership though). $9.95 a month, you get your scores and copies of your reports I think every six weeks. Also, you are notified every time something changes on your report.
  3. I just completed the rehab process this year for a loan from back in 1991. The rehab repayment process was through the CA. When you make 6 payments in a row (for the full amount and on time), you can get financial aid again. After ten payments, you have completed the rehabilitation of the loan. At that point, every negative TL (the CA AND the OC) should be deleted from your reports. My loan was then sold to another CA and I'm making payments through them now. Not sure if that's the norm though. I now have one TL in good standing on my report for this loan. Make sure you don't default ag
  4. I sent a debt validation to a debt collector (National Credit Systems) for an old apartment debt from 2007. They sent back my lease agreement I signed and the accounting from the leasing office printed showing all debits and credits from the time I moved in until I moved out. The last payment date on the information THEY sent ME is 9/24/07. However, they are reporting to the CRAs my last payment date as 11/18/09. I never made payments after I moved out, so I know this is incorrect, even according to the paperwork they sent me themselves. I disputed with the CRAs, they all came back as veri
  5. I know without a doubt I have only had one Sallie Mae student loan that is now fully paid off. I was the cosigner, my mom was the signer. I'm working on my credit and have the listings below all for Sallie Mae. How do I get all but one account off and listed correctly? I think I dispute with the CRAs first, then contact Sallie Mae if that doesn't work, correct? S L M Financial Corp Experian - opened 02/01, ownership C, account transferred to another office, Closed. Transunion - opened 2/01, ownership J, paid or paying as agreed, no balance, closed-transfer. (both of these have the same ac
  6. So I had a car loan with Compass several years back that has since been paid off completely. However, I had four late payments in 2006 right before I got rid of the car. I sent a goodwill letter asking for the late payments to be removed so the account would move to positive on my CRs. I received a letter back saying they couldn't find the account that I was trying to dispute (not what I was doing) and asking for more information from me. I figure I have a couple of options here. 1. I can furnish them the information requested and still hope for the goodwill letter to work to get those la
  7. Got a call from Midland Credit or something like that, I'm assuming it's the same Midland as everyone keeps talking about. I recorded the call (and told them I was doing so and he continued to talk so I THINK I'm okay). This debt is ten years old so SOL definitely over. I told them to never call me again and he kept going on and on. I REALLY hope they call me again. I would love to get a lawsuit under my belt. lol
  8. Just started the CR cleanup process a couple of weeks ago. A few days ago, a new CA started reporting on my Equifax CR. I've never heard of the CA (Total Card Solutions) and there is no OC listed. I have no idea what this debt is. The company is listed as a debt buyer, but the only section the TL is listed in is the Accounts-Other. It's not listed in Collections. I've disputed with the CRA and am waiting on results. Is it mandatory for them to list the OC on my CR?
  9. Sent mine today - thanks so much for posting this. Love your Journey post, I have it bookmarked!
  10. I currently have an account in good standing that is only reporting to Experian. Has anyone ever contacted their creditor to ask them to report to all three CRA's? The only thing I worry about is that it's been about 15 years since I used the account (it's from a furniture store in a state where I no longer even live) and I'm afraid it will be deleted period. My Experian score is higher than the rest and I think that account is the reason. Thanks!
  11. It is inaccurate. The letter from the credit union specifically says the NSF part should be removed and it was not. I'm not saying the whole thing should be removed, but the inaccurate part should be and was not after two requests.
  12. I would love to try to sue them myself to get comfortable with the process. Should I send a letter to Chexsystems telling them I will be suing if they don't remove the item? Or should I file the paperwork immediately without the warning letter? I've seen information telling both ways, so I'd love an opinion.