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  1. My main bank is BB&T. (checking & savings) I also have savings account at NFCU as I hope to re-fi my car loan there. (also my 2 new CC are with them) I have business account open at small local bank. (Bank of Fincastle) I have checking account at M&T bank. (opened for bank bonus & decided to keep open as the money I put there needs to be accessible immediately but I want kept separate from other household expenses) I also have these accounts for current bank bonuses: Bank of America (checking & savings) Chase (checking) These will be closed once I receive my bonus.
  2. I have a new CC & it isn't showing up on my CR yet. How long does it usually take to start reporting? I've heard people talk about CC showing up within a day or two of being issued. I've had mine just under a month & the 1st statement should cut this week so I'm pretty sure after that & I make my 1st payment it will but was just curious if others found theirs showed up sonner or not.
  3. Hey thanks for the advice. I may just do that. I used to do that for my mortgage but the bank I was dealing with was such a hassle.
  4. Forgot to mention my goal is to re-fi my car. I wanted to wait until I had paid on my CC a couple months though I think before I try for that. I don't have a checking account with them (they are not my main bank & wouldn't really work in that capacity) so I don't think I can get the NAVCheck LOC. Yes these are my only CC. I do have a current auto loan though & student loans. (no mortgage at this time) I was really expecting to have to go the secured route & am glad I didn't have to. I just got anxious & app for the CC probably before I should have & I'm still in shock it worked out. At this point I've given up on my CR for now. Most of what's left I can't get rid of & since my sole purpose was to get CC & re-fir my car I think I'm okay as NFCU only pulls EQ.
  5. Thanks for the tip about the auto insurance. I actually switched to Geico using the NFCU discount about 3 weeks ago & saved about $50/month. I was shocked as in the past they told me they would not insure us because of my husband's driving record. (previous DUIs) I was able to up my limits, lower my deductible, & add rental coverage on & still beat my old insurance rate. Also just a quick note while I was waiting to hear about the other CC I had received what I thought was a pre-approved CC offer from them for a different product & so I had applied for it. Turns out I was approved for the goRewards MasterCard for $1,000! Apparently, they like to show their love to their customers LOL I'm so glad I waited to join them & didn't go with another local credit union. So while my AAoA will go down a bit will this help my credit score to finally have 2 CC TL reporting??
  6. And it felt great to tell them off. I got a letter in the mail about 2 weeks ago from Portfolio Recovery wanting to make me an "offer" to settle my debt. I had to pull out my old CR to confirm but the debt in question fell off in early 2008. (DOFD was in 2001!) Anyway when they called Saturday to see if I wanted to make an offer I told them I was glad they had called as I had received their letter & they were outside the statute of limitations & not only that they have already dropped off my credit report so I wouldn't be paying them anything & they better not call me again! Boy did that feel good. And now that I've gotten a CC (finally) I think I'm going to let my other charge-off's just fall off on their own.
  7. I just had to share my good news as I'm still in shock. I was just approved for a credit card! The last credit card I was approved for was with a sub-prime lender back in 2004 I think. This is an un-secured card for $1,200 11.9% interest & 1.5% cashback on all purchases. I'm not sure what my EQ score was at the time of app but last month it was 566. (hence my shock) So now I'm hopeful that if I treat this card right my score will be improving enough that I can try my auto re-fi in a couple months. I don't have any credit cards at all which has been hurting my score probably as much as the old charge offs were on my CR.
  8. Thanks I have gotten in touch with them & hope they will listen to me. Their denial letter, of course, refers me to EQ but I did as they suggested & the EQ CR I pulled shows no judgements & no collection accounts. So if they are denying for that then I don't think that's valid.
  9. Long story short as I'm still on my credit repair journey but I had occasion recently to open a new checking account & as part of that account I guess they automatically extend LOC for overdraft which I knew I would never be approved for & I wasn't. However, the denial letter confuses me. They said they used EQ & I was turned down due to collection accounts & public records. And then they listed some other vague excuse about past delinquent accounts. Now here is where I'm very confused as I know sometimes they have very generic/weird turn downs but EQ is currently my best report of the 3 CRA. I've gotten the most stuff wiped off of it & currently as of 2 days ago there were NO collections & NO public records showing on this at all. So why would they use that as a denial & where would they have gotten that information? This goes back to a question I asked in another thread. If they are pulling my CR & getting a FICO score then they may not be getting the most current version of my report because the last 2 times I pulled FICO scores & got a CR with the score my report showed info that was not even on my CR with the actual CRA anymore. Why are they so far behind in updating & how can I make sure that people are seeing the correct current info & getting an accurate FICO?
  10. Here is the short version: 1. I have disputed with the CRA, all 3 verified this particular TL. (mail order company) 2. So since this is still listed on my CR with the OC I wrote them a letter (not DV but just asking for what info they had about this debt, etc) 3. I get a letter from the OC stating my time to DV (which I wasn't trying to do with them anyway) was expired & that I needed to contact XYZ CA to discuss this account further & they provided that info. They also sent me a copy of the invoice of what was ordered. The order was November 2004. So I guess my question is what do I do now? Do I dispute with the CRA again stating the OC has no info and/or ask for MOV? Do I contact the CA the OC referred me to even though said CA has NEVER EVER contacted me and they do NOT appear on my CR & never have? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I feel better now. I guess I was just expecting to see a bigger score jump especially getting rid of collections & judgements from my report since they supposedely were all negative items & all were recent. I'm still working on the secured CC angle. Saving my money at the CU & hope I can get a secured card with them. (they don't officially offer them but I've been told by several members you can get one with them) Just not sure how high my score needs to be for that. I've heard of a lot of people being turned down for a secured card with FICO higher than mine even.
  12. I started my credit repair journey about a month ago. At that time my FICO score with EQ was 546. After getting 2 judgements removed, 2 CA deleted, & a few inquiries dropped I have got a FICO of 566. I mean why bother?? What more can I do? That is almost all the negative stuff that was on my CR. I have a couple other things that are in the 4-5 year age range which my understanding is that hardly effects your score. (although I am working on them still) I just feel so frustrated to do all of that & spend money on all the CMRRR everywhere to gain 20 points & still be considered to have an awful score.
  13. Thanks for your reply with your experience & yes certainly I would have considered them but I owe Household Bank money so I can't get even get a secured card with Orchard (which is Household Bank).