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  1. Confused on how to proceed. SOL expires before 2nd pre-trial. Being sued for an old medical debt from June 2013. At the 1st pre-trial conference they provided me with all the correct validation: Charges inquiry, Signed treatment agreement and assignment of debt. Told me to verify it for accuracy and they would schedule a 2nd pre-trial. Principle balance is $2009 plus interest and court costs the total is $3550. They offered to let me settle the debt by just paying the principle balance and waive all other costs. Is that a good deal or should I settle for less? Does it matter that now the SOL has expired? Not sure what to offer. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'll give it a try and send a letter to see if that takes care of it. I'll update with the outcome. Thanks!
  3. I am in the process of refinancing my mortgage with a new lender. I have a tradeline on my credit reports from a collection agency for a medical bill for $94. Trade line says, Opened 12/2008 Last Active 6/2013 Last Reported 5/2014 Account information disputed by consumer;Closed I remember disputing this a long time ago, but did nothing more than say it wasn't mine. I've never made any payments on this and they are not trying to collect. The 3 year SOL has also past. Per my lender, this account cannot be in dispute. They said in order to be approved for my refinance, I must have the "account disputed by consumer" removed. So my question is.....Do I write a letter to the credit bureaus or the collection agency? Do I say I no longer dispute it? Thank you in advance for your help
  4. Per the letter attached to the Pattern Interogs I was served it asked that I call the attorney to attempt an agreement or settlement. So I did and gave some of the info to them that was requested on the Interrogs. They weren't happy with me for not giving certain information but I was able to make a reasonable monthly payment plan. I said I would not make a single payment until I was sent something in writing. They said they need to confirm with Crap1 the arrangement before they could do that. It's been a few days and I have heard nothing or received anything back. In the mean time I am still going to file the Pattern Interrogs with the court. There is a part on the form where it asks for a proposed payment arrangement you are willing to make to settle the account and basically I put what was said in the conversation with the person in charge of the account and listed the arrangements that were made. Should I note that the call was recorded? But I stumbled on something when I was going through the file I kept on this account....... I attemped to settle this account a year ago with a letter sent CMRRR and I never received a response except for the signed green card. They just garnished my accounts a couple of times after the letter was received. So here's my question.... Should I include the fact that I attemped to settle but did not get a response just garnishments? Or should I wait and mention it if I ever need to go to court about this? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply.. The judgment is in my name only and I am unemployed. So if I understand correctly, my spouses wages should not be able to be garnished? And the lien would just sit there until we sell or try to negotiate again. The sad thing is this debt is less than $1500 and I just don't have the lump of cash to pay it off.
  6. I called the firm who's collecting for Crap1 to make payment arrangments for a default judgement Crap1 won against me and they would not accept my dollar amount. They said the only way was to fill out a hardship form for them and they would consider it. I am unemployed and the credit card was originally in my name only. The guy said I needed to give all of my spouses employment information and financial info to him in order to even consider the possibility of a payment arrangement. He said they need to know where the money will be coming from. When I refused he said "Fine, then there's nothing I can do for you. We have a lien on your house anyway." So I checked and they did "record" the judgment with the clerk & recorders office on my property. So my question is .... Can they lien my house and garnish my spouses wages at the same time?
  7. Received a default judgment 2 years ago from Crap1 and was just served "Pattern Interrogatories" today. It states that if I do not file these answers within 10 days with the court it could result in a citation for contempt of court. These are the questions; Employes name, address etc. Rent or Own? How much per month? Balance on loan? List all bank accounts and account numbers. List all vehicles, RV's, ATV's, firearms, etc. owned or leased with account numbers, purchase price, sale price or balance owed. List all personal property purchased for more than $500. List spouses info. They also want me to attach 4 years of each of these: Tax returns The deed to my house Drivers license's Pay stubs Bank statements Why would I want to give all that info to them? All advice on how to answer is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks willingtocope. I did get in writing that they will consider this account paid in full, no balance will be sold or transferred and they will report this account to the CRA's as "paid in full". But in the mean time, would disputing the balances be beneficial to my credit repair process? I know it's still negative on my credit reports, but would lowering the balances help any? Thanks.
  9. I am looking for the most current address to mail a dispute to Experian. There are a few different addresses for them on this site. Not sure which one is correct. Cannot find one for disputes on their website and there is nothing listed on my current report that I ordered online through their site. Is online really the only way? Thanks
  10. Was sued at the beginning of the year by Crap1 for 2 debts still within SOL and ended up settling with them each for 60% of the debt, a monthly payment plan and no judgement was entered. I have been sending money orders made out to Crap1 to the attorney's office for about 5 months now. I just pulled all 3 CR's and the Crap1 is not updating the balance. Do I want them updating the balance? Will it restart the reporting time over again? I don't want more damage done to my CR's then what's already there. I will have these paid off in the next 6 months. Any ideas or advice?
  11. Thank you for all of the responses. I was sort of hoping I would actually get a chance to defend myself to the judge. Midland was extremely sloppy with evidence they were going to try to use against me. They pretty much handed me over documentation that can now be evidence against them. I do plan on contacting a lawyer to see what his recommendations would be.
  12. Trial was today with Midland. Lawyer said there was not enough proof at this time and would like to dismiss this case without prejudice. I asked for case to be dismissed with prejudice but judge granted without. So Dismissed w/o prejudice. I'll take it! Anyway a great win for me! Thanks to everyone for answering all my questions and giving great advice and guidance. I could not have done it without this great forum! My best advice to all fighting their own cases........ Read and understand your states rules of procedure and ask as many questions as you can. Thanks again!
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