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  1. I can do this, but I am I guess still confused. If they are not able to verify me by what I gave them, My names, and aka's. And what they reported on my credit report. TL How can they find me to delete me. If they put it on I am sure they can take it off. But with out reference to this. Can I just skip them and try to fight with the big 3? I know I shouldnt give more information, but how do I get around this and get this removed? Still lost, please help
  2. Is there a type of letter I should use, I want to be careful that I don't get myself into trouble. I am so new to doing this Cedit repair. What about the 623 stuff? Is their something that makes you have to reply to them?
  3. Hello, I have sent sent DV Letters out (6 total so far). I am some what over whelmed. I have read through and used search, but more confused myself than anything. I understand that I have to send out DV to Collections agency's. On 2/18/2009 I sent DV to CCS compaines. They were on my CRand showing an account number. I sent that into them as DV. In return today I received a letter. Dear Mrs. blah blah, We are in receipt of your letter requesting validation dated 2/18/2009. We are unable to find a file with your name associated with the account number you provided (#). If you would kindly provide more information, which will assist in our investigation, we would appreciate it. If you have a notice from CCS with a file number, any previous addresses or if something is showing on your credit in regards to this file, a copy of your report. In addition, under The Fair Credit Reporting Ace(FCRA), Section 623(a) (15 USC 1681s-2), in order to investigate your dispute, we must have from you the information required under 623(a)(8)(D). Specifically, identify the specific information that is being disputed, explain the basis for the dispute and include all supporting documentation to substantiate the basis of the dispute/ Thank you for you cooperations, sincerely, Credit Control Services This is where I am lost. As I thought in DV you are not suppose to give out your SSN, and too much information. I gave account informations right off my CR as they have reported it. In addition how did this turn from a DV, to a Dispute? I am not saying its not mine, I wanted a verification/Validation? What is included in a reply with 623? Help me please? Suggestions? Do I write them back with info? What is my next step?