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  1. Yes, this is terra incognita, butI have posted clear, raw data on this. In three occasions, I have sent in a DV letter with election of arbitration. In one case, the top law debt collection firm in Wisconsin, and one of the very best in the US, walked away from a case. This firm NEVER walks away from a case, but they did after I sent them a DV letter with arbitration. In the other cases, the firms filed anyway. In another case, I filed a number of counter claims, one of which was for suing after election of arbitration. I expect that to be eventually settled. In a few weeks, I will fi
  2. Sorry, I got a little frustrated that I could be banned for discussing a method that, on at least one occasion, worked for me. In another case, I filed a counter claim based on something I cannot discuss. If that works, I may not be able to discuss it anyway, if I have to sign a NDA. In my tribe, they used to have professional eagle hunters. Killing an eagle was a HUGE taboo, and for good reason. The tradition is that each feather of an eagle contains the spirit of a fallen warrior, so only warriors are permitted to wear an eagle feather. (That is why there are always veterans at pow wo
  3. OTOH, I was able to get the top debt collection law firm in the US to back off by using a method I am not permitted to mention here , but it would be a violation of the TOS to tell anyone how I did it. Remember, mentioning DV letters with arbitation is a big no-no, so I won't mention it.
  4. It's a matter of style. In many cases, simplest is best. See my recent response to a similar thread bt oregonpilot. As far as trueq's letter, remember that is tailored (a) to Wisconsin Statutes and ( to trueq's particular circumstances, for example the stuff on possible identity theft. In MY situation, I have been the victim of identity theft in the past, so I left in something like that in my DV letter. OTOH, I left out a LOT of stuff, and pared it down to a mere 3 pages. In some cases, I send a 1 page pared down version. No matter, they ignore everything the want to ignore in over
  5. Depends on your state. Trueq and I both live in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, under Wisc. Stats. s. 425.109, there are certain things which must be provided to the consumer IF THE CONSUMER REQUESTS THEM. I have no idea what the Georgia laws are. If there are no similar laws in Georgia, write something a lot more generic.
  6. There are those that say simple is better. Take trueq's VD letter and take out everything you find extraneous. This will pare a 3 or 4 page letter down to 1 page. Even though I live in Wisconsin, I sometimes use a substantially pared down version. Something along the lines of: I dispute this debt and I demand validation of this debt. I hereby request: A full accounting of the alleged debt and what it is for. A copy of the original signed contract. Proof that this debt has been assigned to you or has been purchased by you. If this alledged debt contains an arbitration provision which waives
  7. Before you answer, make sure you read up on the arbitration sub-forum on this board, and the arbitration forum on . Both will give you information as to whether you want to pursue this tactic.
  8. The advice you have been getting about waiting for the order, and then objecting if it mentions you initiating is very good. As for the $250, some arbitration veterans say you should NOT pay the $250 up front. They say you should wait until the alleged creditor has paid its part, which is considerably more. If they don't pay, then go to the judge and say they are refusing to pay. Ask for dismissal. If they DO pay, THEN you can pay the $250.
  9. That's great! Ask them why they are suing for the wrong account!
  10. The debt collector atty made a BIG mistake. Not good to p*** off a judge!
  11. STEP 1: I were you, I would call up the court clerk ASAP, and ask the clerk about the order. Find out what you have to do to get the order. Every state, and often every county, has its own rules. In some places, YOU may be responsible for getting the order to the opposing atty. Make sure you find out the EXACT procedure. STEP 2: Once you have the order, see what it says. Remember, you don't know exactly what boxes the judge checked. If the judge orders THEM to initiate, or if the judge did not specify, you can probably get a mutual walk away. Demand all they sign off the the debt is
  12. There are a lot of theories on that one. That is NOT a bad idea, IMO. One possibility is to file claims against the OC for the actions of their agent, the lawyer. As far as not filing counter claims in court (for another post), that depends on the state. I filed a bunch of counter claims vs. an alleged creditor, but that is specific to my situation. That is, I think I can get the case dismissed without arbitration. If not, I can always demand arbitration. I mentioned arbitration as an afirmative defense, and their suit after election as a counter claim. Will the judge buy it? Who kno
  13. Look up the TrueQ VD letter, and tailor it to your state's statutes. BTW, the lack of the 30 day notice is a clear FDCPA violation. Just sayin'
  14. I did get a request from a former member who says he was banned. This former member requested that you elaborate as to when trueq said that arbitration was a solution for every debt.