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  1. Has anyone had any new sucesses with OCR credit repair angles?
  2. Depends on who the creditor is. Be careful that you do not start the statute of limitations all over again. Sometimes it is better to leave it alone. In the long run, the impact it has on your credit score is probably nothing. Leave it alone.
  3. Yes, That is what should happen. I have had 100% luck with this method.
  4. Has anyone considered the way the cra read letters and what happens thereafter? OCR, optical charactor recognition is a scanner that reads letters & can be easily confused by the type of paper & color of the ink used. Has anyone had any luck with this? New Info: If you X out your name to make a correction & use boxes and arrows, that also works. The key is to remember the scanner will only read the first few lines before the letter goes to the manual dispute pile. Include the account name, account number and the word delete in the first line. The objective is to confuse the program. Also, cut the bottom of the paper so it does not align properly. Keep in mind what you want the computer to retain then go from there. Good luck.
  5. My understanding is if there is any communication with the debtor it resets the clock for statute of limitations on collecting the debt.
  6. Are the first few sentences of a hand written dispute the most important as the person reading the letter will most likely not read the whole thing. What about the issue of address change? thanks
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