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  1. Went to see two different attorneys yesterday to discuss filing BK. Was hoping to be able to file a 7, but knew that with our income we probably couldn't. Well, both confirmed that we do not pass the means test and told us we need to file 13. One of the attorneys said that she can give us monthly amounts for payment into the 5 year plan once we pay a $500 retainer up front. Here is the part that doesn't make sense to us: The other gave us a figure of a $1581 monthly payment for the unsecured creditors per month. So by our calculations our total payment amount at 60x1581 is almost $95K. And t
  2. Bumped - still hoping someone on here can help me !!! Thanks.
  3. I did not think that they could do this either since we reside in TX and state law does not allow this. But I do not know what my steps would be to fight this or get it dismissed. And yes, this would make the difference between filing or not filing for BK.
  4. Thanks for the reply Motivated Litgant. I do have a followup question. I know I need to request a hearing to dispute the wage deduction notice, but it appears that is just to dispute which wages are exempt from garnishment. According to the verbage on the bottom of the summons, the court clerk will provide a hearing date and the necessary forms. I need to send a copy to the judgment creditor and my employer. I will not have the $$ to travel to Illinois to appear in court. Can I also at the same time, file a motion to dismiss their wage deduction summons, based on the TX statute ? That way I
  5. Hi All, Need some quick help. I searched the forum, but can't seem to find what I need. I am trying to send a DV letter to CollectCorp, but the letter I received from them has two different PO Box addresses on it (one in Birmingham, AL and one in Phoenix, AZ.). Of course, you can't sent a CRRR to a PO BOX address, correct? Does anyone have a street address I can mail this DV letter to? I am in TX if that matters. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the replies DH and Wahoo. So it would be better not to DV the CA ? I thought that what I read on these forums is that you NEED to DV them by the 30 day window, or you lose whatever small leverage you might have. By the steps you suggest DH, it would seem to me that the calls would just keep coming. And based on what I read about Collectcorp on here, they seem to be one of the worst CAs you could end up with. The last thing we need is for my wife to get calls at work and that somehow jeopardizes her new job. Thanks Wahoo - I'll look up the Texas code you referenced.
  7. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've been here. I still haven't found a new job yet, but my wife got an admin job (so at least a little money coming in besides unemployment). And we are still fighting to keep our house from foreclosure ....and hopefully if I receive the job offer I am expecting next week ...we will. So now onto Collectcorp. We had a Citibank CC, which transferred over to BOA because it was a UPromise card (not by our choice, but the terms stayed the same). Of course we couldn't pay even the minimum since we are trying to save the house. BOA was very nice and once every
  8. Thank you all for the quick replies!!!! I am definitely starting to freak out about this, especially since we've always paid all of our bills on time. And I fully realize that we ran up those bills and are ultimately responsible for the debt we have. Of course, I would like to continue paying all the bills, but there isn't enough left to even put gas in the car from what unemployment pays. And the savings are dwindling fast. I do have some follow-up questions: Should I reach out to the credit card companies first and make them aware of the situation? And see what they have to say? Or do I
  9. Hello Everyone, New to this forum and I desperately need some advice on how to proceed. A little background on our situation. Married with 2 small children, house, cars .... leading a normal life and paying all of our bills on time. Then I got laid off in December and to this date have not been able to find employment. Needless to say, we've been burning through savings trying to pay the bills, since unemployment barely covers the food and COBRA every month. I think we are now to the point where we have to stop making the payments on the credit cards to try and conserve what little cash we