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  1. Thanks, these are good. I have consulted an attorney I will be sure to forward these. Thanks!
  2. I went on the site you have and read the FDCPA, does this apply for creditors as well. I asked them not to call me at work but they continue to do so. They claim they only had to put a 48 hour hold on the account.
  3. Can a financing company garnish your wages before going to court in any state, particularly GA? Is it legal for them to call you and threaten to have your wages garnished? Thanks...
  4. In light of the lawsuit against NAF and their willingness to withdraw from arbitration, how do I answer an award confirmation? Can I submit a motion to deny based on partiality or corruption and use the lawsuit as evidence? Thanks!
  5. I just found out that the arbitration judgement against me was filed in civil court in Cobb County, GA on August 24th, 2009 to confirm the award. Someone brought the summons to my house on September 27, 2009, 33 days after it was filed. So I'm assuming that's still considered being "served". However, I had no time to give an answer. Is this legal? What should I do? HELP!! T.O.
  6. Thanks to all. If it's not enough information, how do I request more? Also, are there any C&S or FOAD templates available? Thanks, Tanisha
  7. This is maybe the 4th or 5th CA for the same account. I know they did not receive it directly from the original creditor. Also, I'm pretty sure the last activity was not in 2004, I will check old credit reports to be sure. Even if it was, the SOL in GA is 4 years so it's too late for them to collect right? Thanks,
  8. I sent a DV to a CA and I received a response from a law firm. The law firm is in my home state of GA. The letter just states that the CA received the debt, the amount, the date of last activity in 2004 and the original creditor. Is this enough information? This is not showing on my credit report. How should I respond? Thanks
  9. No, its Pathfinder Financial Corp. I had not received anything from them before the arbitration request. Thanks, I'm going to refuse and DV both CA.
  10. No I didn't think I could send it to the first CA since they were requesting arbitration? Should I DV them both after I refuse arbitration? Thanks, Taol
  11. I received a letter for arbitration from one CA. Not even 30 days later am I receiving a collection notice from a different CA for the exact same credit card. Is this legal? I am using the response that was noted in an earlier thread to refuse the arbitration but should I also note that the CA that filed the arbitration has obviously sold the account? Frustrated & Confused :
  12. Great! Is this information current? Do I just respond by using what's in the link? Thanks,