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  1. Some companies will settle in hopes of getting their money. Others won't because they make their money on your interest payments if you are making them on time. I know it's difficult but you need to find a way to pay them off.
  2. First of all let them say something for ur payment then u decide that u r agree with it or not and wait for sometime then i hope they will consider ur request.
  3. Hi, Depending on your credit scores and how much you "rolled" into the new car loan (if you did it without financing anything in, great!), it may not be a great idea to refi your car because the money you save in interest, gets spread out because I don't think the refi calculates for the remainder of the term.
  4. Hi, I think you have to contact your bank personally and ask them about your problem.And for SSN contact the Social Security Administration.
  5. Hi, I have boa for most of my banking. if it were easier I would switch to wamu because they seem to offer better services. They seem to be branching out every where I go, so finding one may not be such a problem for you.
  6. Hi, Can you give me the details of your loan amount you applied at bank?
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