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  1. It's great that you had good success in the past and I'm not downing you for that, however, you also stated recently that you had to, once again, do it again. no, i had to finish up the process. i didn't wreck my credit a 2nd time. Besides the majority of CRS being scams and taking the hard earned money of innocent people, they don't TEACH a person how to better handle their debts. They don't offer instructions on how to maintain a balanced budget for your household. If they did, then you wouldn't have had to go through the use of another one. i didn't go through it again. i never finis
  2. ...but can one bank pull your credit 5 - 8 times EACH for the same purchase?
  3. In the book she talks about how credit cleaning companies are a joke. I don't understand that really because I've used two different credit cleaning companies and both of them worked GREAT for me!! I know I could have done it myself if I would have done my home work but I was paying for the service of them doing it for me. My credit use to be so BAD!! About 6 or 7 years ago (I was only about 20 or 21 years old)I had WAY to much credit in my name.. I was getting loans in the mail that all I had to do was cash the check, getting credit cards I never applied for, if I wanted new floors I was give
  4. I have 2 collection accounts on my reports marked as open. How do I take care of this? Do I just send a dispute to the credit bureaus saying that it's marked as an open account and should be marked as closed? Or is there a letter with special wording I need to send? Also, once it's marked as closed will it help my credit score? One last question... Where can I find a list of the different abbreviations that everyone is using so I understand what you guys are talking about better. lol
  5. I saw a link on the board to get inquiries removed from equifax but because I live in TX I have to go through a company called CSC Credit Services.
  6. I did have a deal negotiated before I let them pull my credit but is that a reason for them to pull it 19 or so times? I have them premission to pull it once.. maybe twice! I still got turned down and ended up on a different dealership where I did get approved but they pulled it about the same amount of times and now I have FOURTY inquiries on my credit report!! I hate when the sales men ask what I want my note to be too... I know what they are trying to do move the money to a different part of the loan like you said.
  7. Hello everyone My name is Shelly! I'm new here so I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and say hello! I found the board when I was doing Google searches while working on the best way to handle those last few bad marks on my credit reports so here I am!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new here and this is my first post. I'd be very thank for for any help or suggestions you guys could give me. My husband and I wanted to trade in our cars for a lower note and buy a new home. My credit is in the middle/high 600. I'm thinking that if I can get some inquiries removed (we went to 2 car lots and some how I ended up with 19 new inquiries!!) and pay down my credit cards that will earn me the points I need. I sent a certified letter to CapitalONE Auto to dispute EIGHT inquiries they put on my credit report. What happen was... I went to the Nissan lot to buy a car