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  1. ok i did a search about my post and read through all 7 pages of posts and everyone had somewhat the same situation, in my case though this account of mine is out of the SOL, previously on my reports but has now been removed/fell off . so now the question what to do with this new dunning letter for a settlement. Do i DV them, and can they reinsert the TL on my reports if it has been once removed due to expired SOL thank you for your help on my issue..
  2. hello, i recently pulled my three credit reports from annual credit report and i have not one negative mark on there,credit scores are in the 700s, now all of the sudden i get a letter from CBCS for a old verizon account for 150.00 and willing to accept 50% of it as a settlement and the threat if not the debt will be assumed valid and all that common stuff. this account was from 2001 and used to be on my reports years ago but now has fallen off my current reports. should i pay any attention to this new letter? can they reinsert the account on my reports?
  3. hello, i disputed a tradeline via online dispute and came back verified . my question is my credit report states item will be removed this month 6/09 ,so because it was verified by the jdb/ca they agreed that it will fall off this month correct? and if that holds true should i just call the CRA to make sure they plan on removing it?
  4. i sent a bbb complaint in and got a bs response back from resurgent stating just a comment that it was validated. and that there was no documents avail at the time of the lawsuit and thats why it was withdrawn and that now the docs are avail. which i dont belive at at all ...I have now turned to a NACA lawyer and my situation will now be handled thru them.I have gotten so frustrated with it all and decided to let a pro handle it ..thank you all for your responses ...ill keep you all posted..
  5. please help, i have disputed this tradeline with all 3 cra eq & tu both deleted ex verified..sent an additional dispute via mail with reasons for deletion..i sent in the transcript from small claims court ( i won against lvnv) date of last delinq 9/02 and date of last payment 4/03 which puts it out of statue of im stuck with what to do now should i resend another dispute to EX with the same information? any help would be great thanks
  6. I guess my title was off a little, I am working on getting this removed from the reports to improve my score i was kind of confused to why it only took 2 days(EX no deletion) vs the full 30 from EQ with a deletion. The date of the first delenquency was 9/2002 so that puts it out of the sol in CT even if sol is from date of last payment which was 4/03. The other question i am wondering about is how they can cycle this account within the sherman family(lvnv,resurgent ect..) and keep bumping up the amount owed as well as reporting it as a open account with monthly updates. The debt validation letter from resurgent proved nothing other than they are collecting a debt from original creditor(sears) and current creditor(lvnv) LVNV is not my current creditor..thank you for your replys
  7. hello i disputed lvnv with experian and came back verified in 2 days also disputed with equifax and was deleted now today i get the letter from resurgent stating the account has been placed with them and the enclosed validation of debt which says .."at the time the account was acquied by sears sears advised the balence 2000.00 since that time additional fees,interest have been allowed for a new balence 2400.00"...what a bunch of bs that is what there validation letter is. So if anyone can help me with the next step here is that would be great..also remember i have already been taken to small claims by lvnv and they lost the case ..thank you
  8. from what i have heard from a lawyer this is a case of "zombie debt" they can try try try untill you attempt to sue or in my own words show them you know whats going on .
  9. hello all first id like to thank everyone here for all the help it really makes a big difference.. ok so i disputed lvnv with ex and came back verified in 2 days , i did the same with eq and took the whole 30 days but it came back with a deletion. i am in the process of doing a dispute with tu now but my question is what is the best thing i can do /say in a letter to ex to get a deletion from ex. note:lvnv took me to court and i won the case (withdrawn from all parties) but they still report on my cr thanks everyone
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    What to do

    ct is 6 years my last payment to sears was 4-18-03 so im comming up on it mext month
  11. smoothbore26

    What to do

    thanks ping ..what i see on my CR is that lvnv is reporting a open type: factoring company account remark: placed for collection on trans union: item will be removed 8/09 also it was always $2,501 now its at $2,676 i dont see anywhere if it was charged off by sears
  12. hello i was reading through the forum and noticed i have the same problem im dealing with now lvnv on my cr for sears . i was wondering if you can lend a hand here. lvnv sent papers for small claims in 07 i hired a lawyer and they never showed so i got a letter "case withdrawn from all parties" then i get a letter from bay area credit demanding payment ,i sent that to ct dept of banking and got that taken care of letter of appology from bay area credit now i got another demand this time from capitol manegment for the same sears account ..i disputed with experian they verified it in 2 days, i disputed with equifax and they are on the 28th day of the investigation which makes me belive they are doing a thourogh job whereas equifax did not .what can i do here ?last payment was on 4-13-03 thank you for your imput sorry for spelling its late here lol
  13. thank you all very much with my issue you say to send a complaint to consumer affairs ..and should i send a copy of the complaint to lvnv?. and again thank you
  14. yes capitol management has sent me a letter demanding a settlement, and no i do not plan on paying this because sears harrased and threatened me about this while i was 19 years old and had no clue about unfair debt collection practices , boy i wish i did though
  15. hello all please bare with me i am new to this forum . i have been reading up on the forum and seem to have a different problem here so here goes ..i have a old debt from sears 2500.00 which was sent to sherman acc. than went to lvnv which they served me with papers for collection of money they withdrew the case against me but than tried to sell the debt to bay area credit. i got in touch with connecticut department of banking and explained that to him and in turn bay area credit sent a letter stating they were sorry and returned it to lvnv. Now i have a letter from capitol manegement services for the same debt , so my question here is whats the best route to go down my last payment to them (sears) was 4-14-2003 which means is is out of the SOL in ct which i belive is 3 years for openended accounts ..thank you for your replies:)