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  1. For several years I have had a tax lien on my credit reports. When I first found it several years ago I investigated it and resolved it with my county and the county agreed it was an invalid tax lien. Then the county created a new docket number which read "Removal of Invalid Tax Lien". Then I submitted this documentation to all the credit bureaus that listed the tax lien (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). All but one TransUnion deleted the tax lien. Over the past years I have tried calling, writing letters, and even tried the their useless web form, but TransUnion will only reply back that the entry is verified and it is listed in my report as a negative as type: "RELEASE OF TAX LIEN". I am sure TransUnion is only referring back to the original county docket number that is the tax lien and verifying it exists, but will not bother with the follow on county docket which removes the "invalid" tax lien. What can I do at this point? Do I keep writing letters to TransUnion? I believe I have run out of things to say. Or can I get the county to contact the credit bureau. Will the county do that? Hopefully someone has some idea on how to approach this problem?