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  1. Hi Yawo64, The bank will do the following: 1. Use your "guaranteed" W2 income at current rate, assuming you are in same line of work for 2 + years. So, they will take your $68k, divide by 12, and use that as your monthly. 2. At best, they will take your part-time teaching, and divide by 24. This assumes you have a letter stating you will continue to get this income going forward. 3. For your contract work, if you have 2 + years getting this, they will take the last 2 years income and once again, divide by 24. If your income has shown a drop in year 2 from year 1, they will likely use the lower amount. Good luck! B Full Time Teaching Job: $68,000 [For the past 7 years] Part-time Teaching (extra classes - all year - same college): $36,000 [For the past 1 year] Contract Job (1099s) - varies yearly: $10,000 / Year [For the past 2 years] Now, my loan officer is asking me to get an employment contract showing the extra pay for the extra (part-time) classes. I am unable to get this since part-time work is optional and not written into my contract. So will this income be disregarded? How about the 1099 contract work - it varies, but it has been stable over the past two to three years. Cheers,
  2. Hi Everyone, While it's probably obvious I have ceased participating actively in the board. What I have done since my left update.... 1st case: I used the arbitration method to beat Zwicker/Amex into submission in court. After several attempts to avoid going to arbitration, the Zwicker team started to make factual mistakes that contradicted previously submitted documents. I pointed this out and kept hammering them to comply with the 2 judge orders I had forcing them to arbitration. Result: Dismissed. 2nd case: They have been ordered to arbitration as well, and are continuing to try and ignore this. Zwicker has also made several mistakes in their motions, contradicting previously admitted documents/contracts/agreements. They have 9 more days to initiate arbitration - they will not. I will then push for Dismissal again, and will get it. I wish all who are struggling through these tough times good luck. The resources here on this board and through people I met on this board have been critical to my successful navigation and other online places. Good luck! GaMtgGuy
  3. Hi GenEx99 - Got your message via email. Just sent you a PM. GaMtgGuy
  4. In light of the new policies of the management of CIC around arbitration (my primary weapon at this point), I'm going to be taking a break from the board. Like BrokeBob - I could use a sanity check. Probalby like many of you, I wage my personal war with Zwicker (or your collection attorney of choice) in my "spare" time -- in between working, kids and coaching baseball. For what it's worth, I would be happy to show proof -- Judges order granting my Motion to Vacate -- that Arbitration helped me beat a Summary Judgement. I also have multiple requests to settle for 20-30% on the dollar -- even allowing a 6 mos. payment plan. I promise you all - when i was pay the entire thing or we will get a judgment and go after your bank account/paycheck. That tune has changed! I can't say enough great things about CIC and how truly awesome the people are - from the Admin to the newest member. Pretty wild that a discussion board can help empower "debtors" to fight back against all manners of abuse by creditors. Anyone else fighting Zwicker/Amex and interested in how arbitration has played out in my cases -- feel free to email me directly. You can contact me at: brianaande @ gmail . com. Be back after summer! Brian / GaMtgGuy
  5. Admin - thanks for all your work on this board. Between your work, the other moderators and of course TrueQ and MG --- the last 18 months of my life went from a possible BK/nightmare to beating back 5 JDB and collecting checks from all, and now taking on Zwicker in 2 suits! GaMtgGuy
  6. Hi Ga Peach - send me a PM with your email address please. GaMtgGuy
  7. Hi GA Peach, Yes - you need to respond to their Interr. You can look at mine if you'd like for some ideas on how to answer. I'm also in GA and having fun with Zwicker. BTW - They just offerered to settle both of my very large accounts for 30% paid over 6 mos. GaMtgGuy
  8. Holiday - this is EXCELLENT advice and saved my a$$. I am eternally grateful for following it in my first case with Amex. TrueQ totally bailed me out with this. I did this exact thing and was able to get a summary judgement reversed here in Georgia. GaMtgGuy
  9. Drowning - looks good. You don't need to notarize the certificate of service though. As we talked about in email, get your Letter in to Citi / Zwicker electing arbitration. Send this certified. You can then file a Motion to Compel Arbitration. For something with the small balance you have, I predict they won't file it even if the court orders them to. If you can get the case knocked off the assembly line, you will gain an advantage.
  10. Trueq - I love the inclusion of the bureau. I may have to do that on my own cases as well. Good stuff, GaMtgGuy
  11. I agree completely -- this same thing happened to me with Zwicker. They got a continuance in my case!
  12. Thanks Generaly. Paragraph 1: "1. The defendant is a resident of the State and County and subject to the jurisdiction of this court. " This is no trick question from my perspective. It basically tries to prove that I am a resident of Georgia and live in the county they sued me in. In the interests of not appearing ridiculous to the court, I of course answered yes here. I own a home and run a local business here, so I didn't see any way to not answer "Yes" to this one. I'm sure a savvy attorney could ahve answered different, but at this point, I was a newbie!