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  1. anstl, just read everything that BRJHOME6 and Redline has posted and you will glean so much on how to proceed with fighting/supporting your case! I have used alot of what that they have posted here and it has helped me tremendously!! Hang in there as I can relate to how scary and overwhelming that this can seem but there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are some great people on here willing to help!! rhmoore......
  2. I will on Monday!! Thank you brjmhome6 and redlinehome for all your help!!
  3. Thank you so much for even more info about how to handle the affividative! I have a question on when or how to file a "motion to strike". Where in the process should I do this? I'm in the process of completing my request for discovery to the plaintiff for documents (have not recieved their request to me as of yet). I just want to make sure that I follow the steps properly so that the affividative that the JDB created gets addressed. Again, any guidance would be so very appreciated!!
  4. I will start preparing the documents this week and will certainly be using your great posts as guidance!! I just have to keep reminding myself that I have nothing to be scared of....just keep breathing and moving forward!!
  5. Thank you! I'm going to definitely look into countersuing as my rights have be trampled on by this JDB. I would have added that part as well but was unaware that I could as I was so focused on just responding and showing up. I will now never forget it...hee hee!! It would be not only great to get this dismissed but make them have to pay me:D
  6. Thank you so much for your help and reply!! Just little background on the issue......The CA is Portfolio Recovery. Apparently, they have purchased a debt from Capt. one. I began the validation process with them in the summer and the only proof they sent me was an office generated form that listed nothing more than my address, an acct. number (which was not accurate) and some outrageous amount. When I disputed their so-called validation with a second letter, I never heard from them again until my summons. I responded to the summons, which by the way they had attached an office generated affividative that was signed by an employee of Portfolio Recovery. The pre-trial was set and I made sure to be there. It was apparent that the attorney was surprised I showed up (he was really late and called the courthouse to see if I was even there). The attorney attempted to settle with me but I refused to speak to him about an unvalidated debt. That is when the attorney asked the judge for more time to gather "evidence". I'm just so frustrated as I had hoped that the judge would have seen by my answer to the complaint and the copies of my validation requests would have stopped the nonsense there......but, I know that was foolish on my part to expect that. So, the next phase begins!! I used so much of the advice given here to help prepare for the pre-trial and the judge commented that the answers to the summons appeared to have been done by an attorney when I responded that I was representing myself.....so BRAVO to all the amazing people on here and yourself for sharing your experiences!! I just was so uncertain if I had to wait for their attorney to send their requests to me first before I could send mine?? I thought I may need to see what they are asking for before I pushed back?? I plan on requesting the person who signed the affividative to be a witness in hopes that they realize that I'm fighting back..... Is it wise to ask for this witness?? I will keep you posted and again, THANK YOU!!
  7. After my pre-trial today, the plaintiff asked for 90 days/discovery when they realized I was not going to settle an unvalidated debt. How does this process work? Do I wait for their attorney to send the list of document requests/questions to me first or should I proceed ahead with mine to them? I'm representing myself and do not want to recieve a default judgement against me by helping the the JDB win all b/c I made a mis-step in the discovery process. Reading this thread has given me great hope that I can do this and win!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I look forward to any guidance that can be given to my questions!!