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  1. Allright I have request for documents and the answer ready to go. Fingers crossed all goes well in court. I will keep you up to date and come back for phase two. Thanks again to everyone for the help.
  2. Thank you, thank you - you are a lifesaver. I don't know what will come of my hearing, I got officially served this morning, and will diligently do my homework with your help.
  3. I just found out that I am being sued by Midland Credit Mgt, although I have never been served. If I did not know how to look up lawsuits in my city, I would have never known that I am due in court in two weeks. Since they have already filed suit against me, should I still file a request for a Debt Validation, or is it too late? Thanks for all the good info!
  4. BRJMHOME6, Thank you so much for all this invaluable information, I also live in the city of St Louis and just found out today that Midland is suing me. I have never been served any papers and had I not known how to look up lawsuits/court cases, I would not know that I am due in court in two weeks! That does not leave me much time to get my ducks in a row, and I will be diligently reading everything that you have posted in order to educate myself. If there is any specific info that you could provide or help you could give me, I would greatly appreciate it. I cannot send you a private message
  5. Be careful with them Lordreyrey, I just got a letter in the mail from "American Mediation and Alternative Resolutions" referring to a case Midland filed against me. I have no idea what this debt is about and how much. I looked up the case on a court website for my state and indeed there has been a suit filed against me, there is a court date set, and yet I have never been served. I am sure Midland is counting on me never having been served and me not showing up in court and therefore getting a default judgement against me. I need to look through all the forum threads re:Midland and my files to