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  1. Loan info Loan Type: Federal Perkins Loan Date: March 2005 Balance: $639 Interest Rate: 5.0% Servicer: College that I attended at the time. It is only showing in one credit report(Equifax) Credit Report entry Type of Loan: Education Loan Comments: Collection Account Date Opened: 03/31/2006 Date Reported 06/30/2014 Date of Last Payment: 05/2012 I currently have the money to pay if off in full but would that be the best course of action? I read that with Perkins loans I have to contact the institution directly, is this correct? According to Federal Loan repayment page it's not eligible f
  2. What is the most concise/accurate credit report one can purchase? I got my free annual report but Im thinking it might not be showing all of my accounts
  3. Up to what point will the OC work with you, even if its sold to a CA for being a way past delinquent account?
  4. I have 6 ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC Account Type Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection Balance $459.00 Account Status Closed Payment Status Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department Terms 1 month COMMONWEALTH FINANCIAL Balance $6,077.00 Account Type Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection Account Status Closed Payment Status Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department Terms 1 Month FDS BANK Account Type Credit Car
  5. Should I be doing a Debt Validation to all my delinquent accounts? You send one letter out to each of the Credit Bureau and one to the account holder(collection agency/bank)?
  6. Which credit report do you guys suggest I order? The $25 one from
  7. So send in the letter. Wait for a reply, then pay even if theybreject negotiation term to mark as Paid as Agreed. After that dispute whatever kind of mark they claim?
  8. UPDATE: Initial contact on phone. I spoke to the representative of World Financial Network Bank, he first told me that they are not a collection agency but instead the bank that handles the accounts for Express. I told him I would like them to send me a new letter/validation(?) with a new agreement aside from the offered "settled in full" in exchange for 25% of the owed. I told him I would like to send over a goodwill letter stating I would like it removed or "Paid as Agreed" in exchange for full payment. He said they don't send out letters stating other agreements because they use templates.
  9. Let me ask a very noobish question. When you mean you dispute by internet, do you mean all the deals done through email?
  10. My goodwill letter of agreement goes as follows: To whom it may concern, After recently reviewing my credit report, I took notice that the above-mentioned account is currently in Charge off status. I also just recently was forwarded a letter that was sent to a previous address I have not lived in for more than 2 years. I sincerely would like to take care of this account as soon as possible. Due to unforseen significant financial trouble including abruptly becoming independent, hardships with employment and living on my own, I unfortunately got behind on my payments and was unable to meet my ob
  11. Well yea....I guess Im just feeling overwhelmed by the "projected" magnitude of the situation...guess I just have to get the ball rolling eh
  12. Possibly looking into a local company here in Miami Are they usually legit?
  13. $198.00 Account Type: Revolving Charge Account Payment Status Charge-off Terms: Revolving The Bank handling the account now is offering me a settlement of $49.56, which represents 25% of the balance owed. Letter says they will report it to the credit bureaus as "settled in full" upon payment. I planned on calling them to ask for an amount they'd take in exchange for a removal or "Paid as Agreed" report. To then be followed by a letter from myself as well. When I make this call I will ask them to send me a second letter of agreement with the terms that are agreed upon. Would this be a good way