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  1. Yeah thats what i was afraid of I dont have the funds to cover the $7k and wont be able to come up with it either. I just cant believe CF are such a$$ hats that they wont even roll the loan for 6 months and rather have me default on it. I guess I will try to call them gain and if anyone else any ideas please do post and thanks in advance and thanks for your info Denita.
  2. Howdy all, Here is my problem, I have just lost my job and will no longer be able to pay my car payment anymore. I have talked to Chrylser Financial about my problem and they basically said pay us on-time every month or the car will be repo'd (what a pain to deal with these ppl google Chrysler Financial sucks and you will see why) .I was hoping they would put some type of a freeze for several months until I was able to make payments. Currently I am not behind but will be soon. I owe about $7000.00 more than what my car is worth, I am upside down on it so selling it is not an option. I would like to get rid of it somehow with out hurting my credit. Any ideas on what other options I have?
  3. Good post Gator one question though have you ever had a problem with account numbers on your CR example acct # 56476xxxxx I would think with the x's an OC or CA would have a problem verifying it?
  4. Yeah I will try not to sweat it to much I am just in the beginning of fixing my credit but it was a real fico score from my myfico.com upon further review the only thing that changed on my CR was Sallie Mae changed it from deferred status to paying but it still confuses me why it would drop 30 points.
  5. I wrote a GW letter to Sallie Mae about a 120 day late pay. Today I got an Alert from Myfico after checking out the alert they took off the 120 day late and put payed as agreed but my score score dropped 30 points? What would be the reason? FYI Sallie Mae did it on 2 accounts(changed to payed as agreed).
  6. I wont pretend to be a history buff but I do recall watching the History Chanel and they had one of their Civil War specials on and something was said along the lines about Texas being the only state to not sign some treaty after the war.
  7. I wish I was a Texan because this is really the only state that has tremendous pride in itself and has been a great place to visit. You don't hear people say I am an Illinoisan. From an outsider looking in Texas has always seemed like its own country in a good way.
  8. I might be wrong but isn't Texas the only state to not sign on with the Civil War Treaty? Man I wish I lived in Texas.
  9. Construction worker in suburbs of Chicago.
  10. I would resend it back to them with a kind note asking them to sign it but do not pay it until they sign it.
  11. Heres your answer http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/435/ripoff0435654.htm
  12. That looks like an interesting site but dunno if it works or not good chance its just a scam.