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  1. yes, the judgment was for credit card debt. sorry for the confusion. a little confused... does this mean they can try to come take the car BEFORE that June deadline on the documents they sent? or am i ok until after that deadline passes?
  2. thanks for replying! i absolutely have to file bankruptcy... i'm drowning
  3. i'm sorry if this is a question that has been asked in the past. i used the search function and didn't really find the info i need... sorry! Winn Law group sued me in California and they got the default judgment against me. i received a letter from them today requesting information about my car financing records, and have to produce the records in June. i only have about 2 payments left to go on the car. i'm unemployed after being laid off and going to attend nursing school this year. i have nothing else under my name - just the car and the only income i have right now is unemployment. my questions: 1. does the document they sent today mean they want to take my car away to pay off the debt? i don't know exactly what my car is worth, but it is worth more than the debt. 2. i am going to file for bankruptcy soon - will that stop everything (further collections, legal stuff etc.)? i'm very scared and will be talking to a bankruptcy lawyer soon... but wondering if anyone could give me any insight on this or if anyone has gone through this i would really appreciate hearing your experience. thank you :(
  4. Hi all. I'm new to the boards and I am totally lost and don't know what to do. If these questions have been asked I apologize as I am slowly reading through all the threads here. I'm 29 years old and considering filing for bankruptcy. I have about $60,000 in debt. About $18,000 of that from one car, $2,000 on the other car and the rest on stupid credit cards and personal loans. I made horrible decisions in my early 20's and am paying for them now. Last week Winn Law Group sent me a letter stating that if I do not resolve a debt within 10 days they will sue me. The letter lists the original creditor as Washington Mutual and then Cavalry Portfolio Services. I contacted Winn Law Group to inquire what I could do to resolve the debt (approx $6,600 WAMU credit card). The rep said I could pay in full. I asked about payment arrangements and she said, "In order for payment arrangements, we REQUIRE you to send us a DOWN PAYMENT of 25% ($1,700) immediately in form of cashier's check or money order". I asked for more time and was given until April 10th. So yesterday I received another letter from Winn Law Group with the agreement for me to sign - $1,700 down and $250/month thereafter. They want this letter signed and returned within 10 days, keep in mind the $1,700 payment is due in their office by April 14th to give time for snail mail. My question is - could I have negotiated down the balance/payments with these people and if so is it too late to call them back to try again? Or should I just pay what we agreed to over the phone? The rep said this case was going to litigation already so I felt pressured. I just don't want to be sued. Anyone with experience with Winn Law Group with any insight? Or with all above considered, is Bankruptcy the best way to go? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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