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  1. Thank you all for the quick responses. I will go ahead and dispute the TL. Another quick question. I have a verizon collections for $34 that I paid last year. It was a mistake that the phone co. made with a (so-called) easy move. They kept an old account that I was unaware of. I tried to talk to Verizon about it when I got the collection notice, but they said there was nothing I can do. So now the question, Should I appeal to the OC or the CRA about this newer debt? TU 650, but not good enough for a loan.
  2. I have paid off all my old collections/charge offs. Most of them are due to drop off in 2009-11. What is the best way to get them deleted from my CR before that time?
  3. That really helped. I am just starting my journey, but I am encouraged with all the input/output that I have read so far.