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  1. Thank you for the quick response! I have that address also (found it through a google search), so I will go with it. I got my credit report online and everything leads back to their online dispute form, or there is an address listed but says it is not for personal credit file issues. Even the Experian website sends me in circles. Thanks again!
  2. I have been searching for a mailing address for Experian, but have so far been unable to do so. Is an online or phone dispute the only way to go with Experian? Thanks
  3. True TNP: Has a secret they want to share. ~deenie
  4. True: But I am just getting started. TNP: Wishes they were at Disney World. ~deenie
  5. Well, up until about 5 months ago, I owned a coffee shop...LOVED IT! Now that I moved across the country, I'm trying to decide what I want to do. I've always wanted to write a maybe I'll start one. ~deenie
  6. Just found this and it really helped me! Thanks!! ~deenie
  7. Thanks so much for this thread! You all have such great insight! ~deenie:)
  8. First let me explain something... I am from Texas (lived there my whole life). I just moved to NC 4 months ago. All of my debts are from Texas, and if I understand this correctly TX law is what I go by. I think I have confused myself with the terms here.... I am just now starting out so I want to DISPUTE (not DV) as "Not Mine" to the Credit Reporting Agencies....see if anything comes off that way first. In the "5 Biggest Mistakes People Make In Credit Repair" section...this is #1..I think I just misused the term DV...I should have said "dispute". Then anything that comes back as a verified d
  9. Congrats!!! I can't wait to be in your shoes!!! You have inspired me to keep at it! Great Job!! ~deenie
  10. This is what I originally thought, but after reading several posts on here I was under the impression that it was the Collection Agencies, and not the Credit Reporting Agencies that needed to be DV'ed. Now after reading this..this is what I understand: If it is WITHIN the 30 days then it needs to be DV'ed through the Collection Agency...this falls under the FCRA If it is AFTER the 30 days then it needs to be DV'ed through the Credit Reporting Agencies (as "Not Mine")... this falls under the FDCPA Is this correct? All of mine are well AFTER of the 30 day window... I don't want to send them to t
  11. Thanks so much for the help.... I am so glad I found this site! ~deenie
  12. I have 4 "derogatory"s on my credit report that do not list a collection agency... just an amount owed. I have no idea what they are. I assume that these just get disputed through the Credit Reporting Agency? Is this normal to have something listed with no one to pay? How can it even be legal to list it this way? I also have an address listed that I have never even heard of and my birth date is wrong. Can I request that these be changed in the same letter? or is it better to make seperate letters for each issue I have? Thanks for listening to my silly questions. ~deenie
  13. Ok, I am a bit confused here. I am on the very first steps of correcting my credit problems. I pulled my reports and have gone over and over them. I have decided which ones I am going to just pay and try to get a delete (these are very low dollar amounts and arent worth the time fighting...unless of course they don't want to delete).And which ones I really don't know what they are...these I need to have validated...right?? I thought I was to send a letter to the credit reporting agencies requesting I am reading and seeing that this needs to be done through the collection agen
  14. Thanks for the reply! i appreciate all the help I can get. I have read a ton of stuff in the past few brain feels like mush now! My husband and I have been reading over our reports and we have found a TON of wrong information in them (such as a high balance of over $2mil!!!! )...gonna read up on all the forms of disputes before we go any further. I want to make sure I do it the right way. ~deenie
  15. Ok, let me start off by saying I have been REALLY bad with my credit! I went through several years with a "So What" attitude about my credit and now I am paying for it. That being said, most of the dings on my credit report are old (2+years)... Do I still go on with the DV process? or am I better off offering to pay in full with promise of a delete? ~deenie
  16. No I didn't see the game, but I have heard about it several times! I see that you are from TX..I just moved here to NC from TX in October. Thanks for the welcome! ~deenie
  17. Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I am newly on my road to credit repair and hope to soon be able to join the "Good Credit Club"! I have been reading here for a few days and have just received all of my credit reports. I plan to sit down this evening and get myself organized. I'm a little nervous, but also anxious to get the ball rolling. Deenie