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  1. this medical has been awful. I have statements from insurance where they tried billing for the same thing 3-4 times, two that say no charge yet my insurance paid ,and a few charges I had refused that part of service( being in health care I knew better) yet again was charged, this "medical" clinic states in writing the drs are independant providers, so I dont see how they have standing to sue,one could assume without a assign it would have to be the dr(s) with the proper authority to sue, fyi my deductable was paid well before seeing this "clinic" I will be calling the insurance today,since they have played this game long enough, wonder what they will do when they join? bad eoungh now the CA atty wants to "force" a witness to provided something they dont have, anyone say harrassment suit and bar complaint ( LOL) ? I am sure making them work hard, just shows if you stand up for your self, sooner or later they will drop the ball and Mess up ..
  2. Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. the Ca's atty sent " discovery request" to a witness wanting a copy of " the Tape" they answered sorry i cant help , get that from Voice Mail my phone company, then had the nerve to send another letter asking for witness to call thier phone company to see if the message is there, provide thier account information to atty and give 'permission " to say why they called the witness in the 1st place ( they are going to try to say witness also owes them money) witness did not answer 2nd letter,, now atty wants a hearing to compel the witness to "produce the tape(?) dumb a** atty should READ the affidavit, says Voice mail,, geesh , atty said, we cant "explain " why we called 3rd party without FDCPA violations unless witness gives us permission to say why we called* like thats going to happen LOL 1st they denied calling, then said yeah we did, now they are trying to say that the "message" from them was to witness and not about defendants * part of my counter is they called 3rd party and left a voice mail, whopping 3k fine 2k state 1k federal, they are really tring to back pedal on this one atty asked for a hearing on 8/6 atty still hasnt provided docs or affidavits showing the debt, going to try to nail them on,: that the dr's are independants from the clinic,( no assigns provided) A 3rd party sends out their dunning letters ( again no letter/aff to who that company even is) atty sent me letter saying they "found" credits, yet hasnt filed ammended complaint, this atty's so dumb, they sent me all my "billing" statements and two of them say NO Charge for visit right on them, yet they Charged my insurance Company and are tring to collect the balance( from my EOBS) from me. amazing thing is this atty been licenced over 30 years , one would think a "seasoned" atty would know better, doubful atty has taken a good long look at the file,, so many mistakes its almost funny, like the "assign; letter dated a month after they said the Ca got the "account", no letter from 3rd who sends out the dunning statements, Ca's record says they need to "recreate" the 1st letter since they did not have that, and more.. I sent atty my request for summary judgment and set a trial,, atty reply, you cant ask for a trial you have to ask for a hearing..( we already seen the judge back in may) I am making this atty work HARD!!! i am sure they are not happy that I am asking over 7k in damages,and also "reminded" the court it can be trippled ,, just to be on the safe side, I did hire a atty to Only write my summary judgement Request, I dont want to lose because a t wasnt crossed or a i dotted. I feel real good about this, but wish us luck!!
  3. amended is if you make a "mistake' and need to change your answer ie: you mis-placed a name or spelled it incorrectly ect additional, is to add more information, you wish to add more defences, or new case law ect.. Defendants Additional : Affirmitive Defences to Original Complaint
  4. I am also in Wa, who's the CA? and Hospital? what city are you in? ( county?) can you get all your EOBS ( explaination of benifits) from the insurance company? do you remeber all the dr's names?,( your EOBS should show who was paid) heres some help if the hosptial is billing you for any dr's you can ask for ASSIGNMENT/ Contract proof from Dr(s) to Hospital ( contracts),How do you know the Hosptial can charge you for the dr's services? then another from Hospital to CA( along with the HIPPA Biz associtates contract) detailed billings / make them show each and every charge/ then did you GET each service? I will do what i can to help you along..
  5. ask the CA for its Business associates contract with the Dr( or hospital) if they can not produce one, its a HIPPA violation, you can report it to your states HHS dept & civil rights Dept
  6. http://free-translation.imtranslator.net/default.asp?ldr=en/de&loc=en LOL wanna really have fun, send your DV letter in a another language
  7. http://free-translation.imtranslator.net/default.asp?ldr=en/de&loc=en this site is a online translator, you write the text and it will translate to what you want, you can also hear the text,, its cool..
  8. you can ask the court to redact any information you feel may " allow of theft of identity" more so than not they can put it as a "sealed" file. meaning only you. atty and court may see the whole information, but it must be redacted for the public. a minor point, unless you think alot of people are looking at your case records.
  9. anyone know where i can get a mp3 wav, of the "this call maybe recorded for quality control/ training" or "all calls maybe recorded" cant find a link for a free one anywhere,, grrrr
  10. i think it looks funny when you write/ reply because the box is smaller that should work ok, i dont see why the CA would object( hey we can sue Both of them yippie!) ask for a low income waiver for your filing fees, if you go the jury route, you will have to pay the counter fees and a jury fee,
  11. These arent exact but the charges show things like; 11/2007 Vicodin 5/500mg @ $6.60 Ankle xray @ $340 Foot Xray @ $360 did this come from the OC or the CA? if it came from the dr directly its not a hippa violation, if it came from a CA it could be, drs must have a buisiness associates contract in place with a CA to "share" your PHI, also, if its from "muliti: drs, they have to show a assign from each dr you have seen that is part of the billing, radiolgist, lab ect.. look at your EOB ( statement from your insurance) who did they pay? look to see if the dr's are " indepedant contractors" if yes you owe the Hospital NOTHING( you would owe the dr's directly)
  12. and a Happy Birthday to YOU:BigDance::
  13. yup. join in , then all she has to say is, I defere to my hubby on this matter, means what ever he says is what i say also.. she will have to answer the standard, name ect..under oath, she will have to show up unless you can get the atty to agree that you will rep both of you and she is not needed to appear, but doubtful if you have small kids or newborn and she needs to stay home watching them, or her job demands her skills are needed, this works if she is nurse or paramedic ect..or major health problem) this is what we are doing, hubby just said, your honor I Defer to my wife in all answers to this action, as she is the one most familiar with this case.
  14. dear atty as of X date I have not yet recieved ( document) requested on X, , please resend XXX to my following address. if you do not have X document please explain. when you will be providing X to me thank you your best friend address phonenumber
  15. you must be served and sued in your state of residence, you have the heads up. get your court rules and study them now.
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