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  1. Honestly dont care about my rating at all....just worried about what can happen to me here for the forseeable future... ill be calling them on monday to see what my options are...if they would just stop the late payments / intrest adding on and give me a month or be able to get caught up im sure.... I dont know how it works in ireland either regards the "charge off" process...but it seems that it was recently written into irish law that if the client contacts the cc company and makes and effort to make payments that if it goes to court they will not rule against u...not 100%
  2. Hi scorch, forgot to mention....i changed my billing address to my US one...initially to get the "new" cards snail mailed to me. so they do have contact info in usa for me...
  3. Hi guys, First off...i apoligies if i didnt post in the correct forum.. like to say a big hello to everyone on the forums... Im looking for anyone with any knowledge on the credit card system....I got my self in a bind and im starting to panic as to what to do next.... My story in a nutshelll.... I left ireland 2 years married to an my green card last month ! I have an Irish visa credit card..I kept the card active as i did my irish bank account too. Over the 2 years ive got my self into debt...its at 8,500 euro this month.... Last month was the first ti