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  1. Well here in nY now they are supposed to send you a letter in the mail within FIVE days of contacting you... I will call them...so I can add to my LVNV case if that is who they are collecting for...
  2. You are completely wrong. Here in NY the statute on all SOL issues and the laws are based on my being a resident of NYC and NY state-NOT the state of whoever is collecting. This also includes that anyone who wants to attempt to collect a debt from me as resident of NYC MUST have a license issued to them and paid for via the Department of Consumer Affairs. This has been confirmed to me by lawyers, the DCA, AG, even the CRA's themselves, who have removed items off my credit report based upon the statute of limitations here in NYC and NY state. I would like to know where you got your misinformation from. I don't have the luxury of time to read all your posts but would be happy to read whatever you link to that supports your theory.
  3. Really?:slapface: Interesting because the lawyer I hired to file a lawsuit accused me of this after I fired him...
  4. The inquiry date itself was 2007...which means it would have been on there for at least two years, correct?
  5. And I keep finding out about more debts out there in my name via the inquiries.
  6. I called the number after I put the post up and it goes to "SquareTwoFinancial."
  7. From my TU 02/04/2007. CA/Law Offices of Harris 4340 Monaco Street Denver, CO 80237 303-296-3345
  8. Why do you say, "Checkmate?" What are you referring to? I care because I am both an ID theft victim and I have slime collectors trying to claim that debts of my relatives are my responsibility and if the letters had appeared here I would have known about more of them earlier before they were sold and resold multiple times, compounding this hell situation it has caused me... And also I may have learned of more of them BEFORE they hit my credit report. I also care that my mail is being stolen possibly or is going missing to who knows where...
  9. I received an UNSIGNED letter from someone supposedly at Chase Bank claiming I am not responsible for these debts.
  10. I am going through old credit reports and attempting to determine what other fraudulent accounts are out there in my name. I came across: Experian 05/2007 inquiry. Academy Collections 10965 Decatur Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 Are they still in business and who do they collect for?
  11. 20300 S Vermont Avenue STE 120 Torrance, CA 90502 888-856-2120 On mu TU 03/02/2009-no letters, no calls etc that I know of. Who do they usually represent?
  12. There are inquiries from them on my reports including from TU 01/19/2007 but I never received any letters calls etc. from them.
  13. Inquiry on Trans-Union from 12/05/2006 but no address or anything. Anyone have info?
  14. I have seen this name as an inquiry on a few of my old reports including one from 03/2006. Address is Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay Wisconsin. Never received any calls or mail from them. Anyone know who or what this is?
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