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  1. Well, thanks for replying! The site only gave me one report from Experian. I just signed up for the one from myfico and that one definitely is more accurate.
  2. I fell for the free trial offer for this website. It's showing a FICO score of at least 100 points higher than what I had thought. Is this company legitimate? Where are they getting these numbers?
  3. Ok please forgive my dumbness. Are you basically saying that I don't necessarily have to do anything? Meaning that I could go on with my life and pretend no mortgage application was ever done? I'm having a hard time finding information on this subject. I'm seriously flustered over the lack of communication from her. Will I be subjected to any fees? I surely hope not, since it is not my fault. I assumed that the deed was already searched because a lady had called me asking me if I was going to pay off the judgments entered against me with the refi money. Would I have to pay for that? S
  4. This whole thing has been done online. Do I simply send the loan officer an email or is that too informal? Then send a copy of the written letter addressed to the bank themselves? Loan officer did give me a copy of the appraisal. I feel guilty for all the work she did for us to now cancel it, even though she isn't doing a good job of staying in touch. Things happen for a reason....People keep telling me I have to stop being so nice!
  5. Discover $5500 FIA card $3300 Citibank $10K Judgments were entered less than a year ago.
  6. I totally get what you're saying. You have convinced me to stop this process! Paying out several thousand in closing costs to cover these judgments keeps eating at me. It doesn't feel right in my gut. They are judgments entered against us in our county court. My judgment is around $5500. My husband's 2 are $10k and $3500. I paid my other one off for 30%of the debt. I don't need a new car now, but I definitely like your idea. This is my first time running into a credit problem. It's very embarrassing to me, but hey I guess I have to set my pride aside and do what I need to do! I may h
  7. Thanks for your input. Yes I was trying to refi because of debt. I know it's a bad idea to put debt on a house. I am nervous about having these judgments on my CR if I ended up needing a vehicle loan or something.
  8. I started the refi process back in December to pay off judgments on our CR. There were many loopholes because of my low credit score and my husband's self-employment and little income. Initially we were going to refinance in both my husband and my names, but my credit score was too low. Loan officer was pushing loan through in husband's name only. He was self-employed for many years, but thanks to the economy, he had to give up the business. He then got a job in April. The loan officer has all documentation requested. I haven't heard a thing from her in 3 weeks. At this point, I serio
  9. Bank of America placed a judgment against me last year. I sent the collection agency a 30% offer because I was receiving a tax refund. They accepted it and will be sending papers to courthouse to show the debt was satisfied. This won't remove the debt, but it's better settled than nothing. Just beware that when you make your offer, make sure the cash is in hand. They don't give you much time.
  10. The Citibank account just entered a judgment against him in December. That's why I'm confused. We'd really like to get them paid off. I would say it was charged off maybe a year ago. The Discover card entered a judgment as well. That account is showing up with the original account number and I believe the judgment number.
  11. JQ26, you are absolutely right. I think refinancing is my best choice for my situation. I'm figuring either way I'm gonna have to pay it, so it may as well be now rather than later.
  12. 2ndTime Around, thanks for the information. Between my husband and me, we have $25,000 in judgments. Only question going through my mind is what if I didn't refinance now, found out in 2 years that interest rates have soared and we didn't move afterall. If that happened, I'd simply let these judgments fall off my report. If only I had a crystal ball....:lol:I apologize for such short answers. I'm sneaking this on my work PC.