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  1. Is there anyone that is familiar with student loan consolidation loans. My credit report is a mess. Mike
  2. I have some real credit problems. Things that are totally in error on my credit reporting agencies big three. Specificly I have student loan consolidated being listed multiple times. This kills my credit as I dont have any debts really my truck, house, student loans thats it! Is there someone who can help here?
  3. Is it standard practice to list a consolidated student loans as two seperate loans on ones credit report? Also listed as seperate loans twice. Have tried to get others to understand that listing is destructive to credit. The student loan company first listed under other name. They change correcting placing a zero balance yet left as two accounts on my credit report. It was was list then as two seperate accounts still. So now I have four consolidated loans on my credit report. They all show same start up dates, over lap in late payments which has destroyed my credit rateing. I dont mind if reporting accurately. I just wish someone would list right. I cant even get the three major credit reporting agencies to use common sense. Is there someone whom can help? Someone in whom understands that it is impossible for me to have had four consolidated student loans all at the same period of time. In closing, isnt it misleading for borrowers to be told that a consolidated student loan is one loan if in fact it remains listed as two? What happened to truth in lending? I hope someone out there can be of assistance. If not then guess my consolidated loan will remain reporting as four on my credit report. Mike