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  1. Several months ago Enhanced Recovery Corp. reported a collection to all 3 credit bureaus. I immediately disputed it as "No knowledge of account" and it was quickly deleted from all 3. This morning, I get a monitoring alert from Credit Keeper that this same CA has reported derogatory information on my credit report. I pull my reports and sure enough Enhanced Recovery Corp. has reported the same account to all 3 CRA's again. The original creditor is listed as AT&T, the amount is 905.00 and the supposed date it was turned over to collection is 2006 (2010 was the first time it ever appeared on my credit report). I've never had an account with AT&T, but I did with Bell South around that time for home phone service and internet and I know that AT&T acquired Bell South in 2006. I could have had an old bill from Bell South, but there is no way it could have been 905.00. I had a cell through a different company, (Cellular One, I think) back then and only had the home phone service for internet access. Furthermore, I have never, not once, received a collection notice from AT&T or Bell South. My questions are: 1) If this is my account, why did it take them over 4 years to report it? 2) If the time factor had to do with the merger, does AT&T have a certain amount of time to attempt to collect a debt if the debt did not originate there? 2) Can the same CA report a collection account that was previously deleted? I'm currently in a lease purchase agreement and need to secure financing by the end of September. I have spent the last 2 years cleaning up my credit reports and trying to rebuild my credit. Everything was looking fantastic and I was planning to meet with a loan officer next week! Now, I don't know what's going to happen! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. On May 14, 2009 I received an email from Equifax with my investigation results. It stated that a collection account had been deleted from my credit file (I still have a copy of the results.) However, the account was never deleted from my file. When the investigation began, my credit report stated "under investigation". Now it states "reinvestigation in progress". How can there be a "reinvestigation" when I never requested one? Can they legally do this??
  3. I had a credit card with Providian a few years back. The limit was 250.00 and my balance was 220.00. While going through my divorce, I failed to pay it and it was turned over to collection. A short time later, I started receiving letters from the CA demanding over 900.00 to settle the debt. I never paid. About two years later, the CA found my phone number and called me. I offered him 300.00. He refused. Then he procceded to yell and argue with me, called me a theif...then I called him and his agency theives for trying to charge me over 900.00. I told him that he could take the 300 bucks or I would just wait for it to fall off my credit report. He told me they would just keep turning it over and that it would never come off...blah, blah, blah. At any rate, we went back and forth for at least half an hour and every so often I would tell him that my offer had just dropped. I went from 300.00, to 250.00, to 220.00. (I was having a little fun with him.) He became so furious with me that he ended up hanging up on me! I never heard from them again. Funny thing is, the account still appears on my CR, but now it says "pays as agreed" and the balance is zero. I'd like to believe that his behavior had something to do with it.
  4. This happened to me back in 2001. My husband and I divorced and we knew we owed the landlord around 1000.00. In our divorce papers it stated that we would both be responsible for one-half of the debt owed. Him-500.00, Me-500.00. Well, we never paid it. Four years later in 2005, they garnished MY wages for the total amount including court costs...I think it ended up being around 1600.00. I could have sued my ex in small claims court for half of it, but we had worked out other issues (to my advantage) so I just let it go. We owed it, should have paid it sooner and the landlord had a right to his money. As far as I know it never appeared on my credit report..if it did at any point, it didn't stay on for long. There obviously was a judgement against me, but it was never turned over to collection. From what I remember, when I got the judgement letter from the court, I had a specific time frame in which to dispute it which would have bought me some time, but I would have had to pay it eventually anyway. Since yours is with a CA, I would dispute it with the CRA first and see what happens. Good Luck!
  5. I've been searching the forums for info on the best way to handle medical collections, but it's still unclear (there seems to be hundreds of "opinions" out there). I'd like to hear from people who have actually had these collections removed/deleted. I've already disputed them with the CRA's and all but one came back verified (one deleted). All have been turned over to CA's. Should I... 1) Continue to REdispute with the CRA's for different reasons. 2) Request method of verification from CRA'S (which seems to be a waste of time from what I've read). 3) Start the debt validation process? Anyone been successful in getting these removed/deleted? Thanks!
  6. My HP printer is shot and I need another one ASAP!! I've read some reviews and had it narrowed down to a select few, but they're hard to find 'used'. I need a laser printer (black and white only) and there are literally thousands on ebay, but I don't want to end up something that will cause nothing but headaches! Any advice would be helpful! Thanks, Maria
  7. Darned right she deserved it! She thought she could get away with her behavior by using her age as an excuse. She lied in the interview with the reporter before she knew it was all caught on tape...that shows what kind of person of she is! Mean old woman...I bet she's done many nasty things to people in the past and just got a little bit back of what's coming to her! You reap what you sow!
  8. Thank you all for your input!! I ended up buying a used car from a friend of my dad. It's a 2001 Izuzu Rodeo, with 100,000 miles. The blue book value is around 5000.00 in good condition and 6000.00 in excellent condition and I bought it for 3000.00. It's a nice looking vehicle for the price and appears to be in excellent condition. I really wanted a Toyota, but there were very few used Toyotas out there, and none for 3000.00 or less. I found an '02 4Runner with 100,000 miles, but they wanted 9500.00 for it! I just hope the Rodeo will last at least a couple of years!! Thanks again!
  9. FALSE: I spent too much time online in the late 90's when I first discovered the internet...I was shocked at some of the things I learned!! And we had dial-up so I could complete household chores while pages loaded!! TNP: bites their toenails!!!
  10. Thanks for all your advice! Today, when I would leave a lot, I would call my mother and have her look up the kelly blue book value on anything I was interested in. It helped because if the car was overpriced no matter how much I liked it, I would forget about it. This afternoon I researched insurance rates....ugh!! I didn't know about CARFAX until after I bought my last car in 2005, but I ran it and thankfully I got a good report. I'll definitely use it this time BEFORE I buy. I have to buy soon because I have no AC and it's gettin' HOT in Alabama! Wish me luck and thanks again!!
  11. TRUE: Terrified!! Even the little green garden ones! TNP: dances in the mirror when no one is watching!!
  12. Looking to buy a used car within the next couple weeks and looking for suggestions. I only want to spend 3000.00 or less and don't want to finance or buy from a dealer. Been looking at used cars for sale by owner and have come across a few that seem like a good deal. It's been difficult to find consumer reviews unless you subscribe somewhere, so I've just been asking around. (I was told by couple of people NOT to buy a Land Rover...I found a used one for 2600.00 with only 122,000 miles and no mechanical problems...really liked this vehicle, but heard they're unreliable/expensive to fix.) I trust what real people have to say based on their experience way more than "expert" reviews. I just want a reliable used vehicle; trying not to be picky (I'd really love to have a Lexus, but I'm trying to stay away from what I cannot afford!!). I'm not willing to give up certain things to drive an expensive vehicle. Besides, I'm trying to get out of debt and free up $$$. My criteria, in no particular order, are reliability, gas mileage, roomy, inexpensive to repair. I don't want to get stuck with a lemon so any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!!
  13. My mother is a witness only loan closer for several lenders. As recent as this week she's seen interest rates below 5% on refinanes. Most are Countrywide. Hope this helps.
  14. My Jack Russell loved kids and not just my kids. I got him when he was 6 weeks old and my youngest son was 4 or 5. He was never nippy and always happy. He was very quick so if my son aggrevated him, he could get away fast...he made a game out of everything. Skip had a smooth coat, not wiry, but I think that's just personal preference. They get into a lot of trouble though (maybe that's why Skip and I got along so well!). They're extremely interested in everything and want to be right in the middle of it. Before Skip was 1 yr old he'd been rushed the vet ER on 2 separate occasions...once for a collapsed lung (he was 4 months old) which he earned during a backyard football game when my oldest landed on him, (Skip refused to sit on the sidelines) and a few months later for a fractured leg (not sure how that happened, but he had to wear a little cast for a few weeks). They're small dogs with a big dog attitude and I just can't say enough about them...your moles won't have a chance!!
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